Monday, June 30, 2008


I was at HEB the other day doing our weekly shopping.

My son loves HEB. He loves the tortillas, the cookies and the buddy bucks. For those of you who do not have an HEB store near you I am sorry, for it really is a great grocery store. I'm a fan, what can I say.

Well, we had gone through our routine.

We bought tons of fruit, some veggies, meat, milk, eggs, and the few other things like italian bread crumbs for bistec empanizado and rotel for my yummy rotel chicken.

Crazy had eaten half a banana, half a chocolate chip cookie, 3 tortilla triangles and 8 dried green beans. A wholesome lunch as far as I'm concerned.

So there we were checking out. Money so easily spent. I'm praying we don't go over the allotted budget which I am now the keeper of ever since my tree was cut down.

Luckliy we were under budget and I then proceeded to swipe my card.

In line crazy goes through his routine (he is such a routine child). He asks for a sticker and then buddy bucks and is very pleased over the whole ordeal.

The bagger was a very nice young man, probably 15, if that old. He bagged my groceries well and I always try to be kind to these kids because I have a soft spot in my heart for teens, plus it can't be easy baggin' groceries for houswives all summer long so...

Well this bagger had a very cool name, one I had never seen before outside of the Old Testament.


Names have been at the forefront of my mind lately, due to the bump, and so I am taking notice of many.

As he continued bagging, I said to him, "You have a very cool name. I don't know many Gideon's."
He awkwardly said, "Thanks, my mom got it from the bible."
"Yeah, from the book of Judges, I think. Gideon was a great warrior."
He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I guess so."
"Well," I said as he finished up, "it's a great name with a great story to it. I'm sure you can find it on the internet or something."
"Yeah? Maybe I'll do that."
"Thanks for bagging my stuff."
"Thank you, have a good day ma'am."

Gideon. He lived in a cave. He tested God. One day there was dew all over, the next day there was dew on one spot. He got together an army. Not a very big one. He probably thought the same thing I would have thought, "God you must be crazy!" God comes through. He has a plan and all we have to do is obey and go with it. And when you are a warrior, that is probably a lot harder to do in many cases. But, the Battle is the Lords.

Gideon. I like that name.

"Father I ask you to help the Gideon in us all. The part of us that questions and sometimes finds it difficult to trust. Help us remember that you have every moment, every trial and every battle in your hands. Help me not to look for signs, but to discern your voice and to obey. And to fight with all my heart for your glory in everything. Help Gideon wherever he may be. In you precious name, Amen."

Friday, June 27, 2008


I cooked dinner tonight. I'm talking a full out meal - Meat, rice veggie, etc. In fact, I made brownies the other day so you can say I made dessert as well. I haven't done that in a while...almost 8 weeks (ok maybe more).

To top it off, not only did I make dinner, I made one of my husbands favorite meals, Bistec Empanizado, that is cuban chicken fried steak.

Go me!

That is to say that I am feeling better. Much better.

Though I am still tired and every once in a while I get just a touch of nausea, I believe we are over that first trimester hump.


Now I need to focus on cleaning my house. It's in disarray. Ok, maybe not that bad because if you were to come over I could do the bumble bee clean up routine and my house would look as if it were clean; as long as you don't go into any closets, my bedroom or even look to closely at anything else.

The funny thing is that now that I am feeling better, I had a moment the other day when I was like, "Am I really pregnant?" Before I was sick so the answer was "well duh!" But now that I'm not sick, I think..."Really?" And I talk to no one in particular and say, "Are you telling me I am having a baby? In like 6 months? Really?"

You would think I would have this stuck in my head by now especially since NOTHING fits. I can't even do the jean/rubber band trick. Unless the rubber band is like an inner tube. Then maybe.

And then, the other day I swear my boobs leaked. Now I was in the shower so I really couldn't tell for sure, but I had that sensation of leakage. You know that tingly (not in a good way), drainy...yeah, never mind.

But seriously...Am I really preggo? With my first I like knew. I don't remember thinking this way...of course I was working at the time so maybe I didn't have time to think about it.

Maybe once I start showing for real, instead of showing fatty it will sink in more.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I am super excited about it all. I don't know if it is due to the fact that this was not necessarily planned that I am whatever it is that I am. Maybe once I know the sex it will sink in more.

But when I think about it...Oh my gosh. 6 months! We will be in July in like 2 days. We have a few vacations planned in both July and August, then crazy kid starts school (more on that later, tear drop, sigh) in September and before you know here comes Thanksgiving and Christmas and 5 days later we have a baby. AUGH! I'm going to go and make a to do list of all I need to do before then.

But at least I'm feeling good enough to do all this!

"Father thank you so much for getting me through this stage. Thank you for keeping me and my baby healthy. Father I know you are all over this pregnancy and you knew about this and planned this before I even thought it was possible. You are so cool like that. I ask, my God, that you continue to bless this pregnancy and this baby. That you will give me the energy and strength to make these next few months memorable and priceless. Help me to be a good mommy again and a good wife. In your precious name, Amen."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time is Precious

My heart has been heavy this week.
My spirit has been overwhelmed with so many emotions.

All I can do is pray and cry. I have been on my knees. I have questioned. I have searched. I have wondered and hoped.

Last week a friend of ours went to the doctor. He had been complaining of headaches for a while. He figured it was stress.

Test were done.

Soon after a phone call came from the doctor, "We have your results, you need to come in and bring your wife."

A brain tumor. They must operate. They don't know what it is. Benign? Malignant?

He's 35. He and his wife have three beautiful girls. They just had a sweet baby who is 7 months old.

God...what are you thinking? I wish I knew.

He had surgery this week. Everything went well and he is recovering well, though the tumor was malignant.

About a year ago our best friends went through a similar battle involving a parent with brain cancer. It was heart breaking and there was little for us to do. We prayed so hard. We waited for a miracle. We took in all the information we could. We prayed. We cried.

And as I prayed, I thought, "Lord, please don't let this come near my home."

The Lord works miracles. He is winning the battle, though it is ongoing, God is still moving and working.

In the last few years we have been touched by cancer. It was always one of those disease you hear about and now, I can name too many people who have battled. Some have won, others lost.

It has come closer to home, with grandparents and uncles. Please God, don't let it come any closer.

This week, this news shook me a little more so. Most people I know who have battled are older. They have lived good lives. Perhaps cut short, but older.

I kept thinking, "But God, he's our age. That's not suppose to happen. He has kids. They need him. His wife needs him."


All I know is that life is too short. Those little fights, those broken relationships, those every day struggles with people aren't worth anything. I want to live as if today is all I have. I want to forgive and move on. I want to love like crazy. I want to hug my kid everyday and hold him and tell him I love him. I want to kiss my husband everyday and hold him and keep that twinkle in his eye that is reserved for me and tell him how I love and appreciate him. I want to tell my parents and brother and my entire family that I love them. No matter the differences, no matter the disagreements. I want to put the past aside and say, I love you. Thank you for being in my life, for sharing in it all, for remembering it all. I want to encourage my friends and love on them.

I can't let any day go to waste. They are too precious.

"Father, I don't know the answers to the mysteries of this world. I don't know the answers to the why's, but I know you are in control. And I trust you. Jesus, help my friends. Pour peace and hope into them right now. Embrace them. Calm their fears. Heal, my God. Heal. Work a miracle. We are believing for a miracle. Embrace those babies where ever they are, bring them rest and peace. And father, for all the people who are sick I ask that you show yourself to them. Let them feel your presence. Let their hearts be softened to you. Father protect my home from such things. In your precious name, Amen."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Lovin' Sun

I like being tan. Sun kissed. Dark. Bronze.
Smelling of Coppertone and banana boat. That is the aroma of summer. A blend of coconut and pineapple. The smell of the beach.
The wind, the surf, the waves.

I love summer because I get to tan in the summer.

I have said before
here, that my favorite thing is to be on a beach, drink in hand, turning every 30 minutes.

Heaven. Paradise. Sigh.

Now, I understand that many people are like, "Oh my gosh, don't tan or be in the sun! The UVB and UVA and whatever else is BAD. Very bad. Tanning is just as bad as being burned."

I understand that. I do.

But...I like to tan.

Let's be honest. Tan fat looks better than non-tan fat. It's true. You can find that in books. Complete fact.

But, because of the ozone scare and whatnot I am very careful about my sunbathing habits.

Obviously these habits will not work for everyone, however, they do work for me. Unfortunately I was not blessed with my father's cinnamon skin, but came in between his and my mothers creamy/Ivory skin. And that's ok. My
Latino style permits some grace when it comes to being tan considering that my skin has a slight bronzy pigment. I would consider it very pale, but most say I am crazy. Well...yeah.

So...Here are my crazy rules for being in the sun, whether at a beach, pool, pond, whatever. Again these are my rules so...

1. Always wear a make up with an SPF. And if you are in/near water, be sure to put on atleast 25 on your face and NECK! Your face and neck are the first things to wrinkle and look old and the sun will do that faster so...prioritize.
2. Put at least SPF 15 on your boobs. After nursing, boobs sag so don't add wrinkles to the effect.
3. Put atleast SPF 15 onto your shoulders. Shoulders also can wrinkle easily and since they are just out there they can burn more easily as well.
4. Put atleast SPF 4 on the rest of your body. SPF 4 works for me. I don't burn except for the parts listed above and so the desire is to tan and there you go. I like using tanning oil, but be sure you reapply each time you take a swim.
5. Be sure you reapply on all parts during the heat of the day, from 1-4. Those are the burning hours.
6. Don't forget to slather on lotion on ears and feet.
7. Put lemon juice in your hair. It will bring our your natural highlights. But be sure to reapply after each swim.
8. Once you come in, use that Green Aloe Vera stuff. I don't know why but it cools you off and aloe vera is suppose to be good for you so...
9. Once inside also be sure not to forget to lather up in some mosturizing lotion. This should be an every day routine, especially on your hands, neck, chest, face and feet.
10. Enjoy your sun kissed, look like you lost a few pounds, bronzed new look.

I hope either some or maybe all of these suggestions helped. I know there are many of us out there that hate the sun and are plagued to sit under a huge umbrella in a wide brimmed hat wearing SPF 85, and I am sorry. I insist that you go and order/make a pina colada. As for the rest of you...Happy sun bathing!

Bring on the Bronze.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Heart Exam

I want to talk a little about my heart.
And, I want to let you in as to where it has been lately.

I have talked about how early in the year I was in a very deep pit. I was depressed, lonely, sad, angry and some.

For many reasons, which at the end of the day matter little in the whole scheme of life, I was in a bad place. Maybe I was tugged into this pit some, but mostly, I think I allowed myself to go into it because I now see that my heart had been broken and abused.

I thought I had put my life in God's hands, but in reality, I had only placed some things in his hands. But other things I wanted or needed the control. I didn't want to give it up. And when stuff didn't go the way I planned, it hurt my heart. And without any thought or my being aware of what was going on, I allowed my heart to become broken, bitter, angry and hard.

I see that now. After months. Months of crying. Months of praying. Months of almost despair. Months of not even knowing what was wrong with me.

I had a heart condition. And only God could fix it. The catch - I had to let him fix it.

In the beginning, when the hurts began, when life got hard, instead of praying for myself or for those being affected, I shut down.

My head said, "forget this. I am going to protect me and my husband and my kid. Nothing else matters. No one else matters."

And I thought, that's not a bad thing. Of course, I am called to shield my child and husband as much as I can according to the wisdom and discernment I have been given by God. But to do this out of fear or anger or bitterness was sin.

The snare was set and I went for it, not knowing what I was getting myself into.

In that trap, I fell hard. Believe me that as soon as the thoughts left my mind, I was berated with loneliness, fear, doubt, resentment.

Who are we kidding? I can't protect my family alone. I couldn't even protect them from me. From the sad person that I became. The angry person that I became. The guilty person that I became.

Sin enveloped my mind.
My heart was polluted with evil.
It needed major repair.

But my God is so Good.
He cleanses and purifies.
My heart went through some fire, but came out so much more refined.

Proverbs says the heart is the well spring of life. Everything comes out of the heart. Life comes out of the heart. But when our hearts are filled with bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, resentment, envy, despair, fear, guilt...the list can go on, but when it is filled with those things, that is what comes through our lives.

We can fight it. We can put up walls. We can deny it.
Those are all easy to do. Those are easy outs. We need no courage. We need no strength.

By doing so, however, our life is no longer a well spring but it becomes a small stream. A trickle. Maybe even a drop.

When our hearts are bitter, our lives are not sweet.
When our hearts are angry, our lives are hard.
When our hearts are unforgiving, our lives are without mercy and grace.
When our hearts are resentful, our lives are lonely.
When our hearts are envious, our lives are lacking.
When our hearts are in despair, we are without hope.
When our hearts are fearful, we do not trust.
When our hearts are filled with guilt, our lives are full of sorrow.

My greatest desire is that I will guard my heart from such things. That theses sins will not enter in and devour my life again. No matter how I am hurt or what life has in store, I pray that I will continuously examine my heart. That God will continue to purge it of these ills.

And if your life is merely a stream or trickle, I pray that you will examine your heart. Ask your father to show you what is polluting your heart and that you will not just pray about it, but act. Fix it. Ask Him to purge it. Refine it. Ask for your well spring of life to be restored to overflowing.

"Father I come before you humbly as one who is constantly needing to be purged. To be refined. Jesus I ask that you continue to refine me until you see your reflection in me. Father show me what is plugging up my well spring. Show me what I must do to have a life that is full of glory, that is abundant and blessed. Open my eyes to the sins that are damaging my heart. And give me the courage to forgive, to love, to encourage, to trust. Thank you for loving me so much that you are continually refining my heart so that I will be a woman who not only looks like you, but has your wisdom, discernment, grace and love."

Monday, June 23, 2008

The funny things he says...

The other day I talked about how my crazy kid was talking a bunch, non stop, all the time, whether I understand him or not.

It's funny because though most times I completely know what he is saying there are the times when he says something and waits for a response and then looks at me as if to say, "Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?"

Either way we have entered into a very precious time. The time where"kids say the darndest things." I'm loving it. Every night my husband and I relay to each other the things he says and does and its just very sweet.

He is consistently putting a smile on my face by the things he says.

For example, yesterday I had to get to church early for Praise and Worship practice. His father was making him breakfast and I was in my room doing my hair.

I had been in my closet for about 15 minutes just starring at the display of clothes that all do not fit.

I was a little sad and very frustrated. So I proceeded to put on the same denim skirt that I had worn three times last week and a black top.

Earrings were in my lobes, necklace, rings and bracelets were all on. And of course, pretty

I looked in the mirror and thought, "this is as good as it's gonna get."

I walked out of the room and kissed my husband when beautiful kid walks in the kitchen and says, "Wow mama, you pretty." But the best part was what he said next.

Now, please be aware that I have no idea where or how or why he said this or where he picked this up. I really don't know.

So after, "Wow mama, you pretty," he asks, "You go dancing?"

Dancing? I wish! Why dancing? I don't know. I mean, yes my husband and I
dance in the kitchen often, but usually I am in a t-shirt and shorts.

I don't know how his little mind thinks, but I was sure greatful for it.

I think maybe I will wear that denim skirt a few more times.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

News Flash here is what has occurred in our daily happening in the past few weeks that I thought you may just want to know about.

1. We had a garage sale this past saturday and did pretty well. The best part is we got rid of lots of stuff that was overwhelming our garage. It's amazing what people buy, but even more crazy as to what they don't buy. For example, I was trying to sell one of those three panel screened frame things, you know the ones they sell for like $100. It's not that I don't like it, I love it, but we just don't have room and it was handed down to us and it is a honey color instead of the cherry color. Well, anywho, I was trying to sell it for $25 and no one wanted it. Instead they buy the ugly green chairs for $10. The good thing is most of my shoes and clothes sold and we came out richer and with fewer boxes in our home.

2. Crazy kid has begun talking up a storm. Well, he's been a talker from the begining but now he speaks in full on phrases and sentences. Of course sometimes he says stuff and I'm still like, "huh?" But for the most part I understand him. Crazy husband still has a hard time. I am going to need to start writing down the funny things he says and post them so you can roll your eyes and sweetly smile as I continue to believe that my kid is the cutest/funniest/smartest/sweetest kid ever.

3. Big Harrah...I have been feeling...better. Some. Not so green. More of light green. Not always. But mostly. The end is near. I hope. I pray. I believe. It turns out that last week when I had that really bad day, a few days later I had another really bad day. And then, a bright light shone upon my head. Or was it a light bulb? Well, either way it occurred to me that on those days I ate eggs. And then I came to find that most days I felt bad I ate eggs for breakfast. Hmmm...So my hypothesis is that eggs = sick as a dog. I stopped eating eggs. Feeling better. Here I was trying to get some kind of protein in me and my body was like, "What the heck!" So no more eggs for me.

4. We are going on vacation. Vacating. Get away. Far, far away. So long, farewell, Alv...whatever. My greatest NEED was met. My hubs, being the sweet, good to me and very smart man that he is said "I know you need to get away so lets take a trip. Book it!" Yea. So in exactly one month we will be beach hopping all along the Floridian Coast. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Springs. Sunny Florida here we come. Bring on the beautiful, sun kissed tan and virgin pina coladas!

5. Beautiful baby is growing. I can tell because nothing fits. NOTHING. I am in the horrible awkward stage where I don't necessarily look pregnant just fat. I need to get one of those t-shirts that says "Not fat. Pregnant." Maybe I should just get a sign. I know it's just my own self conciousness (yeah right) but every where I go I just want to make the announcement- "Ladies and Gentlemen, please know that my stomach is not usually this bulgy/big/fat. I am pregnant. Wait a few more weeks and you will be able to see that I am telling the truth. I would stick it in if I could, but I can't. I'm trying to...see...but, yeah it ain't going in. Thank you. Oh, and when you can finally see that it is not fat, but in fact a baby...please don't touch it unless I can touch yours. Thank you."

Good times...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The yummiest/ easiest meal you'll ever make

Ok...this is the yummiest and easiest meal you will ever make.

We call it Rotel Chicken. We love it, it's easy and mmmmgood.

1. Get some chicken (breast or whole, whatever you got.)
2. Put the chicken in the crock pot.
3. Get a can of rotel, open it, drain it some (about half) and put it in the crock pot.
4. Close the crock pot.
5. Make some corn.
6. Buy some tortillas (homeade flour tortillas are best but you can use corn or whatever).
7. Buy sour cream (optional) and cheese (optional)
8. Wait 4-6 hours depending on the setting.

Inside your crockpot you will find a very tender, very moist, very yum chicken. Sometimes it can be a bit spicy depending on the rotel, but never too bad. It's easy and super yum.

If you want, add some guacamole or even just slices of avacado with salt and lime juice.

This works for me when I don't want to "cook"...which is basically every day!

See what works for others here.

If only...

This is my problem...

This is what I greatly desire...

Unfortunately, none of this get done unless I get off the couch!
Oh, to be Mary Poppins...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Change my heart

I reacted.
He hurt me and I threw out my hand.
I wasn't thinking.
I felt dreadful.
Talk about Mommy Dearest.
Before you know it my child is going to write a tell all book about how I neglected him by placing him infront of a TV all day and spanked him.

In my defense it was as close to the cute tushie as possible, but somehow ended up in the lower back area. It wasn't hard, but I was remorseful.

Now let me state here that I am a believer in spanking. We give "Pow-pow" in our home and we are advocates for the cause.

I know lots of books and teaching go against spanking, but I believe a good spanking and no nagging afterwards is a good form of discipline.

No, we do not just "hit." We have a system and spanking is only one form of our disicplining. We give one warning and then explain that he is going to receive "pow-pow." We bring him close, cup our hand and spank. Most times, if I just tap his little rear he will be upset. I then explain that he must obey the first time when he is asked to do or stop doing something.

Most of the time, after a spanking he is upset and so he goes off into a corner or another room with Bie and tete in hand. In a few minutes, sometimes seconds, he comes back and apologizes. "I sowy mom." I tell him it's ok but we need to obey and we need to pray and ask Jesus to change his heart.

Sometimes he says no. He can be very strong willed and is not ready to do things you ask. He eventually will come and sit with me and we pray.

Most of the time, he does it right away.

This time, I forgot the steps, warning and all. As soon as I did so, I got down on his level and quickly apologized and held him.

"Baby, mama was wrong for spanking so fast, but you can not hit mama like that (he had been running around and into the couch and as if a light went off in his head, he came and ran into me. Large head into my hip.) You must be careful when you play. I am sorry that I did not give you a warning but you really hurt mama."

He replies, "is ok mama. Jjus change mamas heart. AAAAmen."

"Dear Lord, change my heart. Keep changing it. Every day. Continuously. Even if I am defiant or being strong willed. Help me to be patient and not lose myself. Help me to forgive as easily as my son forgives. And to forget as he does. Father, grant me the wisdom to raise my child to be a man after your own heart. That you will take his precious prayers and change his heart so that he will grow to be like you. So he will surpass all that I am at a young age."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I like Home

Life right now is pretty boring. There's not much going on. I guess its due to these lazy days of summer.

I really don't have much to talk about.

The days are spent doing not much of anything but going to the pool or mall or finding fun things to do.

I hope that once I feel a bit better I can plan some outings to museums and other fun activities.

We'll see.

The thing is, I am a home body. I like to be home. And though yes I love play dates and getting together with friends, at the end of the day I like being home.

I probably should be better at planning things with friends and I am always telling somebody or other that we need to get together, but...I like being home.

In fact, the other day I was planning to take crazy to the mall. He loves the mall. I told him when he was barely out of the womb that he would have to love the mall, he had no choice. Well he does.

Of course I ensure that he enjoys himself. We have our routine of getting a cookie, visiting the elephant at the Rainforest Cafe and then either riding the carosel or playing in the play area.

So, as I was saying, the other day I was planning to go to the mall and I told him to get ready to go. Usually he is all for it, and immediatedly asks if we are going to get a cookie.

Well, on this particular day he looks at me and says, "No thanks. I stay home."

Part of me wanted to say, "Alright, whatever." But, I needed to do some shopping. He finally obliged and was happy when he received his cookie.

I think I have made him into a home body as well. The thing is, he needs entertainment. He's one of those kids that needs to be doing something.

Now let me say that according to personality tests, I am part melacholy, part plegmatic, though I thrive in the company of Sanguines.

What does that mean? I am perfectly content being home and not doing much. But when I want to have a good time I find an outgoing Sanguine to do so.

My son is an outgoing Sanguine. So I have to kinda make myself do things that are fun for him.

It's a little tiring. But I love him for it.

So far we are a perfect pair. He makes me have fun and I make him like home. I wonder what the next one is going to be?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fight the Nausea. Beat the Exhaustion.

I am now entering my 11th week of preggoness and though the nausea and exhaustion has not necessarily subsided...I am wishing and hoping and planning that it will.

In fact, I had quite a bout yesterday, but I am taking good advice from a dear friend who puked every single day of both her pregnancies and right before delivery (not kidding. Complete truth.) And she told me on one very low day that I need to get up and say, "This is one day. If stuff doesn't get done, well that's ok. I take this one day at a time and do all that I can to fight it off and enjoy the life growing inside of me."

So, that is what I have been trying to do. Sometimes with not much effort. Sometimes with little luck. Sometimes with tears. But I'm trying.

And in the meantime I have found certain things that have worked for me throughout this time. And here they are...

1. PBS and Disney Channel. God Bless the morning line ups.
2. Disney Movies. God Bless Mr. Walt Disney, may he rest in peace.
3. Oatmeal cookies. The frosted kind that has some ginger in it.
4. Peppermint. Be it in gum, hard candy or those soft marshmallow looking things.
5. Good friends that let me come over and lie on their couch while my kid is entertained by their kids.
6. Neighborhood pools. It ensures a really good nap.
7. Husbands that don't complain too much about the house being a mess.
8. Husbands that don't complain too much about dinner not being made in three, going on four weeks.
9. Husbands that go on a hunt for Subway because you are craving a Italian BMT.
10. Warm showers. Notice that they are now warm and not hot because mean husband yelled at me for taking a hot shower. I know it's "not good for the baby" but I love hot showers, you know the ones where the steam is coming off you after you get out. But FINE, no more hot showers.

So, those have worked for me thus far. We'll see what else gets added to the list as we continue. You know what would really work...for the yuckiness to END! To have that pretty preggo glow and not the yucky green!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Garage Sellin'

This weekend is our neighborhood garage sale and for the first time in our five years of marriage we are having a garage sale!

Five years of marriage.
Five years of shopping.
Five years of purchases.
Five years of gifts we didn't need.
Five years of gifts we did not like.
Five years of things that didn't work.
Five years of stuff we never returned.
Five years of stuff.
Five years of Junk.

In actuality, we really don't have that much stuff.

My hubs grew up in a family where they had garage sales every two weeks and yet they still had loads of stuff. He hates clutter. He hates stuff just lying around. He won't buy anything unless he is sure we are going to use it. Absolutely sure.

I on the other hand say, "Hey, that looks good. Charge it please!"

I am the queen of impulse buying.
My first stop at target is at their dollar stuff area.
My main joy in life is to look around and say..."hmmm. What do we not have that may be a necessity?"

So now that we must make room for beby's time to get rid of some stuff.

It's time to tackle our closets!

It's time to make our trash another persons treasure.

Here is some of the stuff on our to sell list...

1. Ugly green dining room chairs that we have had in our room (covered with ugly green chair covers that don't really fit). Why did we keep them or buy them in the first place? My mother in law gave them to me, I tried to revocer them in vain and yet they served the purpose of being my husbands clothes holders.

2. Books....LOTS of BOOKS (which I am probably going to sell on Amazon if they don't sell.)
3. Random kitchen appliances ( food processor, cups, dishes, slat and pepper shaker).
5. Lots of decorative stuff - from vases to table runners, curtains and pictures.
6. Some of my old teacher supplies, because let's face it...I don't think I'm going back. That chapter is closed.
7. Mattress.
8. Clothes. Ooodles and oodles of clothes. That special dress I talked about
here, yeah, I decided to let it go.
9. Like 20 purses.
10. Like 50 pairs of shoes, including flip flops and shoes that sadly no longer fit me after beby #1. If you've read
this, you know how I be loving my shoes! And I have to say is that my foot better not grow again or I will be very, very sad.

So, for the most part that is our list. And somehow I have to get this all ready to go by Saturday.

I wonder what we can spend the money on?

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Me...So not Me!

I saw this on another blog and thought it was fun so I figured I would do this every once in a while!

So me...

My idea of a vacation is exactly that...vacating from life. Nothing but sun and breezes and sand and waves.


How ideal.

All I need a magazine to catch up on the latest entertainment, a pina colada and a watch so I know to turn every 30 minutes.

Can you smell the air?

Like Pineapple, salt and sunscreen.

This is SOOO not me...


I don't camp.

In fact, I don't wear tennis shoes because they make you look stumpy (it's the whole flat shoe/sock thing). And I don't wear boots unless they are pointed with a stilleto heel.

I don't do dirt. I don't do tents. I don't do sleeping bags. I don't do fish. I definitely don't swim with fish.

I don't sleep on the ground. I don't like bugs or animals.

Nature is not my thing. It's pretty, yes, but I can see it, I don't have to be a part of it.

To me, camping is staying at a hotel without a pool.

Am I missing out? I don't think so!

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I have had very few quite times lately.

In fact, to be honest, the last time I had a quiet time was ummm...three weeks ago.

Pretty bad.

Let me list my excuses, because I have a few and it will make me feel better...

1. I'm tired.
2. I'm exhausted.
3. I'm growing a person.
4. My crazy kid is waking up around 6 everyday.
5. I'm nauseous.
6. I have very little energy. Like super little. Pint size. Munchkin little. (you get the picture).

Ok, yeah so those excuses pretty much stink but...I'm so tired!

The thing about it is that not only do I feel bad about it, but I know that my lack of reading and praying result my lack of patience and strength and of course my being open to mind attacks that say, "you're a bad mom," "you are neglecting your family," "how are you gonna deal with two if you can barely handle the one."

And though I fight those thoughts out, my heart hurts.

There's a twinge. Guilt. Sadness.

I hate that.

And what's worse, despite the fact that I have had very little communication with God other than, "God I'm tired," "God give me energy," "God make the nausea go away, PUHLEASE!!!" He is still so full of grace and mercy.

Crazy kid is two. He is strong willed and many times defiant. He is a charmer and hilarious at the same time. He throws fits, he likes having his way, he wants what he wants and he wants it NOW!

Since being pregnant, he has for the most part, held off on the tantrums. He really has been an angel. He has been so good and sweet and patient.

He has become all that I lack right now. Oh my.

He rarely complains about playing by himself. He doesn't mind me laying on the couch for a few hours as he watches TV. He hugs and kisses and even prays for me - "Jejus, help mommy's tummy. It hurts. Amen."

God why are you so good to me? It's not fair. I don't deserve that kind of love.

I'll be in my second trimester in about two weeks...

"Lord I'm hoping for a boost of energy at that time. I'm hoping for revitalization and strength. I'm asking lord for these next few months to be blessed and filled with fun and laughter. Thank you for your mercy and grace and for the precious child you have blessed me with and the other one you are working on. I trust that through all this not only are you teaching me, but you are teaching him and molding him to be a great big brother. You are so good to me."

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Monday, June 2, 2008

One of those weekends

You know how you have those weekends where you don't have much to do.

I love those weekends.

For us they rarely come, for so many times weekends are spent at birthday parties or get togethers or errand overload. And when you have a toddler who, thank be to God, still takes a nap in the middle of the day, your weekends are planned around nap time. The idea is to get everything that you need to do in the allotted times of 9-1 and then, 4-8.

So, if you are having a party from 1-4, Sorry, we can't make it. The kid is sleeping and those are precious hours of me/us time.

Now, I LOVE weekends. My husband is home. I get to sleep in for atleast an hour more because my husband is home. He is such a good guy that he gets up with beby and I sleep. It's a great arrangement.

And then we go and do all that we need to do. So many times we spend the days running from Wal-mart to Home depot, Marshalls to Target.

But, as I have said before, we are homebodies. We like to be home. So the few weekends where we get to do nothing but watch TV all day is pure heaven.

Some of the best weekends are when we flip the channel to MTV cribs, Travel Channels Best beaches, and Giada's best of Italy. Yeah we may end up green with envy and gluttonous, but all in all, a great weekend.

We thought this weekend would be that way.
That was the plan.

Not so much.

We had a few things on the to do list.

Get stuff ready for garage sale in a few weeks.
Clean garage.
Put bug stuff on lawn.
Put clothes away.

(notice most of these chores are his).

So we spent the morning doing such things. I helped. I put ant killer stuff on the ant piles. I distracted little guy with the water hose.

But, by the afternoon my brother in law called and they were heading to this new outlet mall that's not too far and instead of spending the afternoon watching the food network or Man vs. wild, we went shopping.

We were out from 4 to almost 10.

Exhausting. But so much fun.

Crazy kid slept like a champ.

Then we went to church today and were out all day.

Next weekend we have a graduation and graduation party.

I think we are free the weekend after...bring on comedy central and flip this house!

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