Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Garage Sellin'

This weekend is our neighborhood garage sale and for the first time in our five years of marriage we are having a garage sale!

Five years of marriage.
Five years of shopping.
Five years of purchases.
Five years of gifts we didn't need.
Five years of gifts we did not like.
Five years of things that didn't work.
Five years of stuff we never returned.
Five years of stuff.
Five years of Junk.

In actuality, we really don't have that much stuff.

My hubs grew up in a family where they had garage sales every two weeks and yet they still had loads of stuff. He hates clutter. He hates stuff just lying around. He won't buy anything unless he is sure we are going to use it. Absolutely sure.

I on the other hand say, "Hey, that looks good. Charge it please!"

I am the queen of impulse buying.
My first stop at target is at their dollar stuff area.
My main joy in life is to look around and say..."hmmm. What do we not have that may be a necessity?"

So now that we must make room for beby #2...it's time to get rid of some stuff.

It's time to tackle our closets!

It's time to make our trash another persons treasure.

Here is some of the stuff on our to sell list...

1. Ugly green dining room chairs that we have had in our room (covered with ugly green chair covers that don't really fit). Why did we keep them or buy them in the first place? My mother in law gave them to me, I tried to revocer them in vain and yet they served the purpose of being my husbands clothes holders.

2. Books....LOTS of BOOKS (which I am probably going to sell on Amazon if they don't sell.)
3. Random kitchen appliances ( food processor, cups, dishes, slat and pepper shaker).
5. Lots of decorative stuff - from vases to table runners, curtains and pictures.
6. Some of my old teacher supplies, because let's face it...I don't think I'm going back. That chapter is closed.
7. Mattress.
8. Clothes. Ooodles and oodles of clothes. That special dress I talked about
here, yeah, I decided to let it go.
9. Like 20 purses.
10. Like 50 pairs of shoes, including flip flops and shoes that sadly no longer fit me after beby #1. If you've read
this, you know how I be loving my shoes! And I have to say is that my foot better not grow again or I will be very, very sad.

So, for the most part that is our list. And somehow I have to get this all ready to go by Saturday.

I wonder what we can spend the money on?

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Skubaliscious said...

ooooo what size shoe are you getting rid of...we might have to stop by...shoes, books, short person clothes :-) Have fun sorting!

We are THAT Family said...

Yeah, what time? I love a good sale!

Niki said...

Good luck on the sale!

Muthering Heights said...

Purging all that stuff will feel so good! I hope your sale does well!

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