Monday, June 23, 2008

The funny things he says...

The other day I talked about how my crazy kid was talking a bunch, non stop, all the time, whether I understand him or not.

It's funny because though most times I completely know what he is saying there are the times when he says something and waits for a response and then looks at me as if to say, "Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?"

Either way we have entered into a very precious time. The time where"kids say the darndest things." I'm loving it. Every night my husband and I relay to each other the things he says and does and its just very sweet.

He is consistently putting a smile on my face by the things he says.

For example, yesterday I had to get to church early for Praise and Worship practice. His father was making him breakfast and I was in my room doing my hair.

I had been in my closet for about 15 minutes just starring at the display of clothes that all do not fit.

I was a little sad and very frustrated. So I proceeded to put on the same denim skirt that I had worn three times last week and a black top.

Earrings were in my lobes, necklace, rings and bracelets were all on. And of course, pretty

I looked in the mirror and thought, "this is as good as it's gonna get."

I walked out of the room and kissed my husband when beautiful kid walks in the kitchen and says, "Wow mama, you pretty." But the best part was what he said next.

Now, please be aware that I have no idea where or how or why he said this or where he picked this up. I really don't know.

So after, "Wow mama, you pretty," he asks, "You go dancing?"

Dancing? I wish! Why dancing? I don't know. I mean, yes my husband and I
dance in the kitchen often, but usually I am in a t-shirt and shorts.

I don't know how his little mind thinks, but I was sure greatful for it.

I think maybe I will wear that denim skirt a few more times.

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We are THAT Family said...

That is so sweet! These are precious times and I'm so glad you have a blog to record it all. 'Cause girl, it's about to get funny. I laugh every day at the things my kids say. Some of it is x-rated, so it won't see my blog, so I'll tell you the next time I see ya!

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