Friday, April 18, 2008

Purple "Dream" Dress

I have a dream.

It's not a Martin Luther King kind of dream, but more of a Kirstie Alley kind of dream, before Jenny came along, that is.

They say this dream is achievable. I'm not so sure. It would take a lot on my part. A whole lot.


This is my dream. My Purple Dream.

"A dress?" you ask. Do I want to buy this dress? Is it an exhorbitant amount of money? No. I own this dress.

Do I want to wear this dress to some fancy event or special date? No, If I could wear it around the house I would. That is part of the problem.

This is my dress. My pretty, purple dress. It has been in my closet since 1999. It is not that I particularly love this dress or that I'm somehow sentimentally attached to it.

Sure, it's a pretty dress, but no special memories revolve around this dress, except for one. A memory that has vanished especially after the freshmen 15, my first year of teaching high school, my husband's love of pizza and dr. pepper floats and one baby.

The only reason this dress still hangs in my closet and not in some goodwill store is for one simple reason...

It is a size 2.

A SIZE 2!!!

And that, my friend, is a dream!

2 is such a small number. I don't think one of my thighs is a size 2.

I look at this dress that has been in my closet since High School and I look at my post "begining of real life" body, and I wonder...How was that possible?

Then I remember...I barely ate, counted every calorie I consumed and roller bladed 4 mi. per day.

I guess I was crazy back then too!

And now...I think about doing all those things and it makes me tired.

So for now, the dream still lives and the dream dress will stay in my closet and maybe someday...maybe.


We are THAT Family said...

You are too funny, girl! I have several of those dreams. . . birthing the third one *wrecked* my body.

Btw, I cried at the comment you left about your crying at my post-whew! lot a crying going on tonight.

Paula said...

At least you had a size two year in high school. I never did. LOL Not that I minded. As tall as I am it wouldn't have looked good on me anyway. But my daughter is a 2 and is very attached to that size in her beautiful teenage way.

But . . . uh . . . I'd throw the dress out or give it to some skinny teenager. Who wants that kind of pressure?

And your picture on the blog is beautiful. size 2 or no!

Marcy Massura said...

Oh yes- the dream clothing. I know it well. I had a few pieces of clothing in my closet that were suppossed to give me 'inspiration'- but all they did was mock me everytime I was looking for something to wear...finally I gave them away and said goodbye. And you know what-it felt great. Try it...nobody should be a size 2 anyway...except maybe a 2 year old!

Happy Mommy said...

I did Weight Watchers and lost 95 pounds, I am no size 2 but I'm happy...

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Oh GIRL! THROW IT OUT! It will only cease to tormet you ;)
Then, go shopping because now there is empty space in your closet!

Who am I kidding...I have a pair of lemon-yellow short shorts from high school that are NOT a 2, but are so short they should be outlawed. Why do I keep them? Hmmmm. Not sure :)

Queen B said...

You were a size 2 in high school? I would wear a button on my shirt as a proclamation.

Ditch the dress. Life is too short...

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