Friday, June 27, 2008


I cooked dinner tonight. I'm talking a full out meal - Meat, rice veggie, etc. In fact, I made brownies the other day so you can say I made dessert as well. I haven't done that in a while...almost 8 weeks (ok maybe more).

To top it off, not only did I make dinner, I made one of my husbands favorite meals, Bistec Empanizado, that is cuban chicken fried steak.

Go me!

That is to say that I am feeling better. Much better.

Though I am still tired and every once in a while I get just a touch of nausea, I believe we are over that first trimester hump.


Now I need to focus on cleaning my house. It's in disarray. Ok, maybe not that bad because if you were to come over I could do the bumble bee clean up routine and my house would look as if it were clean; as long as you don't go into any closets, my bedroom or even look to closely at anything else.

The funny thing is that now that I am feeling better, I had a moment the other day when I was like, "Am I really pregnant?" Before I was sick so the answer was "well duh!" But now that I'm not sick, I think..."Really?" And I talk to no one in particular and say, "Are you telling me I am having a baby? In like 6 months? Really?"

You would think I would have this stuck in my head by now especially since NOTHING fits. I can't even do the jean/rubber band trick. Unless the rubber band is like an inner tube. Then maybe.

And then, the other day I swear my boobs leaked. Now I was in the shower so I really couldn't tell for sure, but I had that sensation of leakage. You know that tingly (not in a good way), drainy...yeah, never mind.

But seriously...Am I really preggo? With my first I like knew. I don't remember thinking this way...of course I was working at the time so maybe I didn't have time to think about it.

Maybe once I start showing for real, instead of showing fatty it will sink in more.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I am super excited about it all. I don't know if it is due to the fact that this was not necessarily planned that I am whatever it is that I am. Maybe once I know the sex it will sink in more.

But when I think about it...Oh my gosh. 6 months! We will be in July in like 2 days. We have a few vacations planned in both July and August, then crazy kid starts school (more on that later, tear drop, sigh) in September and before you know here comes Thanksgiving and Christmas and 5 days later we have a baby. AUGH! I'm going to go and make a to do list of all I need to do before then.

But at least I'm feeling good enough to do all this!

"Father thank you so much for getting me through this stage. Thank you for keeping me and my baby healthy. Father I know you are all over this pregnancy and you knew about this and planned this before I even thought it was possible. You are so cool like that. I ask, my God, that you continue to bless this pregnancy and this baby. That you will give me the energy and strength to make these next few months memorable and priceless. Help me to be a good mommy again and a good wife. In your precious name, Amen."


Kara said...

That sounds so yummy?

Have any leftovers?

So glad that you are feeling better! You are a FAB mommy! YOU ROCK GIRL!

So PROUD of you and your interview! It was great!

See you Saturday!


Skubaliscious said...

Yay feeling better!

That sounds like a very impressive meal....

We are THAT Family said...

I remember feeling that way with my 3rd pregnancy! But it went by quickly. I'm so glad you're feeling better.

Becoming Me said...

BEing able to cook again is a great sign that the yucky stage is over

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

HellO! I'm feeling chubbers over here, not cutely pregnant yet!

Also, the energy hasn't returned yet :(

So impressed with your kitchen skills!

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