Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Security Objects

My son has a blanket. He loves his blanket. It is his "bie" (he possibly named it that since we at first referred to it as his blankie. He took out the "lank" and ended up with "bie.")

Lately, everytime we come home he immediatedly goes to "bie" and hugs it, kisses it and says, "I wove you, bie."

When his father was out of town for a week on business he began holding "bie" very close, putting it to his nose and smelling it.

And as of late, he wraps himself in it and pretends he is a baby. He begins crying and asking to be carried like an infant. A 34 lb. infant.

It is his beautiful, beloved "Bie."
His comfort, his friend.

When he is crying and frustrated, "Bie" makes him feel better. Comforted. Secure.

Some think it's cute. Other say I'm in trouble for letting him have a "comfort" object. I would think that most children have a security objects; Some have blankets, pacifiers, others have stuffed animals and I knew one sweet boy who would take his DVD's wherever he went. To them it is a piece of home, a comfort that is with them in this insecure world they are only begining to learn about and become a part of.

As adults, I ask myself, are we really much different? Don't we all have "security" objects? Perhaps not in the form of a blanket, but even still...Many of us are looking for security in so many different ways.

These "objects" make us feel better. Comforted. Secure.

How many times have I felt down, ugly, insecure? And to remedy my feelings I have been known to go out and buy new shoes, or jewelry or a shirt.

And I feel better. Comforted. Security comes in the form of patent leather and cotton.

How many times have I felt lonely or empty and I fill myself with ice cream or chocolate or bread.

And I feel quite full for a time afterwards. Comforted. Security comes in carbohydrates and sugar.

We all have times of struggles, where peace is gone, doubt reigns and all we desire is to be comforted - To be secure in who we are, what we have and where we are going.

Some of us search for that security and find it in our jobs, salaries, the attention of others, our children, spouses, comments on our blogs or even our church. We can search for it forever, but we will never find that comfort until we realize only God can give us the security we desire.

True security comes in trusting Him - His will, His plan, His purpose and His timing.

For so long I thought I trusted God. I believed He was my only comforter.

I was wrong.

I trusted Him with a few things, the things I knew I could not control even if I tried. I did not trust Him with the things I though I could control like my son, my husband, even my character. And because I hadn't given it all to Him, hadn't fully given myself to Him, I searched for security elsewhere, but couldn't find it. And soon, everything I trusted went away.

God placed me in a hard, empty pit and said, "Don't look to anyone but me. I'm here. I can save you. I have saved you. No one else can. Nothing else can. Not your husband, not your family. ME."

And I fought Him. I wanted the control so when things went well, I could get the praise and appreciation. And if things went wrong...it's easy to blame God. To say, "I thought you were in control." Truth - He won't take control if we don't let Him and actually entrust everything to Him.

We are taught that we can take care of ourselves, but we can't. Only God can. I had to learn some new lessons.

Now, when I walk into a room and feel unsure of who I am, I remember, "He is the lifter of my head (Psalms 3:3)."

When I feel unworthy or unattractive, I remember, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made (psalms 139:14)" by the One who made the heavens.

When I feel out of place, lost or even empty, I remember, He has purposed me "for such a time as this (Esther 4:14)" and He will fill me to overflowing (Psalms 23:5).

We all have struggles. Don't try to deny them, blame others for them or even try to fix them yourself. None of that works. Instead, go to your heavenly Father and tell Him.

"God I'm struggling. I'm fighting these feelings and thoughts constantly. I can't do this alone."

Go to the word and find truths. Fight your thoughts with scripture.

And remember, that "He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it (Phillipians 1:6)"

Lay it all before Him and find freedom and a new security in your Redeemer.


livin with me said...

Wow! What a great post. I love the pictures of your son with his "bie." I guess it'd be nice if I had a "bie" that would make me feel better. But, as you pointed out- I do! Excellent post!!

Anonymous said...

This is a really great post. Thanks for inviting me over and commenting on my blog.

Becoming Me said...

Beautiful post. I loved how you tied in the blankie with adult security objects and then realizing that our security is in Christ. Lovely.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

My Bubbalu has the same blankie, but doesn't use it as a security object.

Nice post!

Liza's Eyeview said...

A very inspiring post. Thanks for sharing this.

By the way, I too have a "bie". Unfortunately, I still need it by my side even now that I am an adult. My kids call it "Mommy's green thing" ;)

Last night while I tuck my daughter to bed and she was saying her prayer, she prayed that God will enable me to let go of the "green thing" :)

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