Monday, February 28, 2011

On being quiet and gentle

" You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. 5 This is how the holy women of old made themselves beautiful. They trusted God and accepted the authority of their husbands." 1 Peter 3:4-5 NLT

"A gentle and quiet spirit."
"unfading charm of a gentle and peaceful spirit." Amplified
"Gentle and gracious" The Message
"Meek and quiet" KJV

The Lord has been teaching me so much of what it means to be "gentle and quiet."

The world has taught us to be outspoken. To speak your mind. To say what you want.

And especially to women, the idea of being meek and quiet was out with the feminist movement.  Now I'm not saying women shouldn't get the vote but, somehow, biblical femininity has been lost.

We have lost the idea of what it really means to be a woman. The battle of the sexes has blurred the line of what is femininine and what isn't.

In the world a woman can wear what she wants, work where she wants, say what she wants, believe what she wants, is the ruler of her body, love whomever she wants....and it all boils down to pure selfishness, greed and pride.

But that is not what the Lord desires of his beloved women. He did not create us to be hard and harsh, he created us to be soft, gentle...feminine.

Again, I am not saying we don't have a say in this world, nor should we be trampled on or dictated to.

The truth is that the Lord knew all along the power that we as women have and by being gentle, meek and quiet, we are able to use our power for good. For the good of ourselves, the good of our children, husbands, homes, relationships, etc, etc.

A woman who is gentle attracts more attention. People trust her more. Feel more secure around her than a woman who is loud and over the top.

A woman who is humble and meek usually is an encourager, who speaks life and therefore has more friends and better relationships.

As a wife and mother we would be better at creating a heaven in our homes if we practiced being gentle and quiet.

When our husband comes home discouraged and disgruntled from a hard day at work. instead of getting annoyed and frustrated by his attitude, think of how his mood would change if instead you quietly went behind him, wrapped his arms around him, embraced him and said, "I'm so glad you are home."

When your kids are fighting over a turn or a toy, instead of yelling, "take turns" or "if I have to go up there..." you go in and hug them so tight and say "let's all play this game instead."

So much easier said then done! But it's quite the challenge.

I struggle with this. I am much better at the yelling or giving in to the frustration.

But God knows that a quiet and gentle spirit produces a quiet and gentle home. A home of peace. I am the atmosphere of my home and when I am not quiet nor gentle, my home is neither as well.

So this week I am going to put all my effort into this.

"Father thank you so much for your word. Thank you for your gentle spirit that is so merciful and always guides me in the direction that I need to go. Father help me this week and always to become quiet and gentle. Help me to moderate the peace in my home. Help me to know when and how to speak. And when I do speak, help me to know the words to use, that they may be honey father to all who hear them. In your precious name, amen. "

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Raising my Girl

Baby girl is so much fun. She always wants to play. And she plays very well with others and by herself too. Many times I find her in her room playing with her baby dolls and her rose petal cottage.

She has a little routine every night before she goes to bed as well.

After we brush our teeth and wash our face, and plays in "babba's" room for a bit she goes into her room and she begins by washing her hands, because she is a very clean child :)

She then takes each of her baby dolls and puts them in bed. She usually rocks one to sleep, another might have to go into the corner because "baby bad" and once she gets everyone into bed she then begins to take out the laundry in her little dryer and after it's all out, she puts it all back in.

She checks the oven. And then she goes and has a serves me some coffee (we are hispanicm we don't drink tea at night, we drink coffee :)

And once all of that is done, we read a book, pray and go to bed.

She does this every night.

You know the funny thing is that I never showed her how to do all this, atleast not intentionally.

But even as young as two she watches me. She helps me load and unload the laundry and even the dishes. She watches me cook and clean. She pretends to be a little mommy with her dolls as she rocks and sings to them just as I do to her.

It's almost innate, but also very much learned. She learns it all from me.

I am raising a beautiful little girl. A sweet, lovely little lady. And I want so much from her. I want her to be a good homemaker. I want her to enjoy serving others, serving her family now and her future family. I want her to be content with her calling of wife and mother.

I want that for her as much as I want that for myself, if not more.

The truth is that I struggle with this calling of mine at times. I struggle keeping the house in order all the time. I struggle with the mundane chores. I struggle finding contentment of being mom all day and night! I love it. But there are days when I would rather stay in bed and not want to be needed for everything.

And so everyday I pray that the Lord will help me to find fulfilment and joy in my calling. That there will be a newness to each day and a sweet content every day.

And I pray that my daughter will see the joy of it all and that she will learn from me and desire such a calling in her own life. And that she will do it so much better than I.

"Father thank you for this precious ministry of mine. To minister and serve my husband and children is wnderful work and I thank you for filling my cup each day. Father help me be a good example  to my children. Allow me to speak softly and sweetly, so that they can see that the jo I have is from you and because of them. Help me to find joy and contentment in all I do.In  your precious name, Amen

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love Languages

In the past week I have heard more about Love Languages! I heard it at church. At my women's bible  study and then I read a bit about it on one of the blogs I read. Everywhere I turned, people were talking about the 5 Love Languages. And the funny thing was that it had not even been a week since I had googled it and taken a test to see what my love language is.

I went on to the Gary Chapman website and answered questions like..."Would you prefer if your husband brought home flowers or made you dinner." I, of course would be happy with both, but the flowers won!

And from all of my answers I learned that my first love language is gifts. (Duh)! And my second is words of affirmation.

The other two mid range scores were quality time, that one actually was a close third and in 4th was physical touch. Acts of service came out to be 0! I think service are great, but that doesn't speak to me as much!
I knew gifts would be #1. No doubt. I love getting gifts. I see the thought behind the gifts and I feel appreciated when my husband gets me gifts for no reason. I Love it.

Words of affirmation and quality time was hard to distinguish. I love both. My husband and I can spend all weekend together doing absolutely nothing and come Monday I don't want him to leave! We are friends, homebodies and we really enjoy each other. So quality time is one of our mutual languages. And affirmation, I guess I really need that one. I want to know that he still desires me and loves me and thinks I am great. You would think I get that after the fact that he loves being with me, but it's still nice to hear it!

So with all that said I had one incident this week where my love language was met.

On Saturday I had taken a shower and was getting ready to go to a baby shower for one of my sweet cousins. I was putting on my makeup and I had on only a t-shirt and undergarments.

Um, they were purple, lacy, pretty undergarments.

Well, there I was blow drying my hair when my sweet, girly 2 year old walks in.

She is a petite little thing and reaches right at my hip because, well let's face it, tallness does not run in the family.

Before I can turn around her little hand starts stroking my derriere and she says, "ooh mama, pretty!"
And I replied, "Mama has pretty panties." And she says, "Yeah," as she continued to pet me! "Where mine?"

And that went on to a whole 'nother discussion of her being ready to potty train!

When she toddled out I laughed and thought, "Well Lord, I'll take words of affirmation from my two year old any day!"

"Lord I am so blessed by my kids. Thank you for filling my cup every day. Lord show me how to Love my kids and what their love language is so that I can fill them up. Teach me to continue to speak the love language my husband desires. Thank you Father for your wisdom and you word. In your precious name, Amen."

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Friday, February 11, 2011

My mom makes mistakes sometimes!

Today my kids and I went to Mcdonalds to eat for a valentine's treat. Daddy was suppose to meet up with us but he got tied up at work so it was just the three of us. I got each of them a happy meal, which we never do because we usually make the kids share a meal with us and share a drink but since it is valentine's weekend and since I like to do small things like that when they are out with me so that they remember it's specail being out with me!

So we said our prayer and the kids started munching away at thier nuggets and fries.

A mother with two boys comes in and she is trying to get her kids to follow her while she carries the tray filled with drinks and food, balancing the tray with one hand while she opens the door to the play area and keeps her eyes on her youngest while he dawdles in as if he has no idea the kind of balancing act his mother is putting on right now!

She is trying to get them seated, situated..."I wanted the blue truck," "Where's my truck," "I want fries," He got more nuggets than me..."

If you have been there say, "Amen!"

So as she gets everyone what they want of course one of her kids drops the drink on the floor and sprite and ice flow.

You could see the pained look in her face but she calmly picked up the cup and looked for napkins but, with all the sauces and drinks forgot to get those!

I, having been in her shoes so many times, grabbed the few napkins that I had and helped her soak up some of the soda. She thanked me and went to get the janitor.

As I was going back to my table the older of the two boys said, "Thank you for helping, my mom makes mistakes sometimes!"

I choked back a laugh and said, "Yeah, all mommies do."

Newsflash! Mommis make mistakes sometimes!

Sometimes I yell.

Sometimes I roll my eyes and get obviously annoyed at my children.

Sometimes I forget to get stuff out of his folder and we are doing homework at the last minute.

Sometimes I mess up dinner.

Sometimes I leave the clothes in the wash overnight and I have to wash them again the next day.

Sometimes I would rather be on the computer than playing with my kids.

Sometimes I give in to what they want so they will stop bugging me.

Sometimes I spend too much money.

It's hard being a mom. It's hard getting it all right. But thank God for his Mercy. Thank God for forgiving kids. You know the beauty of children, is that you may make lots of mistakes, but when you are trying to do what is best for them and praying for God's help in that, your kids know that. They feel that. And even when you make mistakes, they still love you. They still think you are the greatest mom. When you do sit down and play with them...and laugh with them. Those smiles are worth it all. Pure forgiveness and love.

"Thank you Jesus for your amazing Mercy. Lord bless that mom today, let her know that she is a great mom and that she is doing a great job. Lord help me to remember that I am not perfect and that's ok. Help me to remember that I make mistakes. Big ones sometimes. Help me to forgive myself and help my children to forgive me and love me just for being mom. Remind me that motherhood is my calling and my ministry and I will not take it lightly! I love you Jesus. Thank you for making me a mom. In your precious name, amen."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prayer Journey

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. ~Abraham Lincoln

At the beginning of this year I knew that there were going to be a lot of potential changes and newness occurring in our home. And the Lord put a desire in my heart to really be in prayer over all of these things.

And mostly, to become a woman of prayer. A mother who diligently prays over her children; a wife who diligently prays over her husband. A woman who prays over her home and all who come in it.

And so I have begun this Journey.

Every morning I wake up and lie in bed and I hear my husband taking a shower and getting ready for his day. I pray over his day, his work, for favor and blessings. For health, peace and endurance. I thank the Lord every day for Him.

I pray over my kids. I pray for their relationship together, for the day that is ahead of them. I pray they they will learn many things and be open to new things. I pray for their health and that they will enjoy the time they have as children. I pray that they will grow in His grace and have a desire to Love the Lord and to please Him.

And I pray for myself. I pray for energy to get through the day. I pray that I will be a fun mom today. I pray that I will enjoy my kids and the time I have been given with them. I pray for endurance, health and peace. I pray for time to extend itself so I can do my work and accomplish the things that I need to get done for the day. I pray for patience and love to exude from me and that I will be uplifting, encouraging and sweet to my husband and children.

It's hard being a mom. We really do carry the weight of our world on our shoulders don't we? We tend to be burdened by being a good mom, a fun mom, a good wife, a fun wife, a good keeper of the home. We are burdened by the responsibilities, the fears, the wonders, the what if's, the should we's...The list goes on.

And so, I pray. The Lord is sweet and says in His word, "Cast your burden on me and I will give you rest."

And so I rest in Him and pray and TRUST that He is completing the good work in me and mine.

The power is in prayer. The control that we as women want and desire, we have none but we do have power and that is in prayer. All day long, every day...pray. Without Ceasing.

When you wake up and your husband is snoring next to you...pray over him.

When your kids come in and need owie's kissed...pray over their little bodies.

When your 5 year old comes and cuddles next to you on the couch...pray over his heart.

When you 2 year old comes in and gets frustrated because you have no idea what they want...pray that they will learn to speak sweet, life giving words.

When you are exhausted and just overwhelmed...pray that God will give you the outlook and encouragement to keep going and finish.

"Father I desire to be one who prays without ceasing. I desire for my children to know that they have a mother who diligently prays over them. I desire to have a husband that knows he has a wife that is praying and waiting for him in his sweet, peaceful home. Help me to continue on in this journey and to enjoy this time. In you precious name, Amen."

Thursday, February 3, 2011


You know that scripture where it says something like, if your child asks for a piece of bread your wouldn't give him a stone? And if they ask for fish you wouldn't give him a snake? And then it goes on to say something like just as we give good gifts to our kids so does our Father give even better gifts to us.

Ok, so I totally paraphrased that but you know what I mean.

Anyways, what's interesting is that after this verse is the golden rule...Do unto others just as you would have them do unto you.

Interesting how those two go hand in hand sorta...God is pretty cool like that.

So, a few weeks ago this verse came into my head. I was praying and I just had the feeling. You know the one where you know you have to do something and it's something that you really don't want to do necessarily but nonetheless it's like your good sense just is nowhere to be found!

And so I said, well I will just take a look and see what's out there. And sure became one of those now or never situations that was more now than anything else.

The decision was made. I had caved. I had given in to the prayers and the wishing and hoping.

I couldn't give him a stone. And we definitely weren't getting a snake!

And I fought it, but the Lord was sweet when He said, as much as you want to give this to him, I want to do the same for you even more.

So, we did it!

Meet the new member of our Family....Lightning

Yup, we're suckers!

"Dear Lord, Thank you for my sweet boy and his precious little pup. Oh how he has prayed and prayed for him and saved and saved! He has been patient and so eager and I love that everyday even after a few weeks he still tells me, "Mom I can't believe I finally got my dog!" My heart bursts with sweet Joy. Lord let them be pals for a very long time. Let this little dog be a faithful friend and let his years be long :) Thank you for teaching me how wonderful it is to give your children such great gifts...You are so good Lord. In your precious name, Amen."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A haven....

I am on a mission to reliven my home. Make it cozier, prettier...add some sassyness to it or something like that.

I have been wanting to take on this task for a while, but since I figured we were going to be moving soon I sort of put that thought away and searched for new homes online every chance I got!

Well, God has other plans for our living arrangements. You know I just figured my plan made sense. We are hoping to have a new baby and with that came a new house ( If only all things worked out the way you plan and just like that! Ha ha!) You see, we have a 3 bedroom home. Master, Boys room and girls room. So the question was, where does baby go? See...that's why we were hoping to buy a new home, get more room, etc.

The problem was that husband didn't have any peace about the whole idea. He wants a new home too peace, no go. And, I sorta didn't have peace either.

So after praying and thinking and pleading (on my part), our prayer is for our walls to stretch some and for contentment and joy in the house of our youth!

Don't get me wrong, I love our home. We have been blessed with this home and in this home, over and abundantly.

It was the home I spent my first night as a bride in, in our dining room my new husband and I opened all our wedding gifts, the home my children came home to, took their first steps's a lovely home. We have had dedications and birthday parties, small group and friends and family gather here. It's a blessed home.

And the Lord is allowing us a few more years here at home.

I know He is planning another home for us that will be just a blessed. A home where we can grow together. And I am so excited about that.

So, in the meantime I am going to do a little redecorating...maybe some painting and definitely some sewing!

Some new curtains in the Kitchen, my craft room is going to be gutted and totally reorganized, but first we will work on the master bedroom.

A haven out of our little heaven here on earth.

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