Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Bags

It's wednesday and I have a summer lovin' tip for Works for Me Wednesday over at We are that Family.

Ok, so I LOVE summer time.

You know, the long and lazy days of summer.

We spend a lot of time outside, at the pool, the park, etc.

In the foyer of the house I have two bags ready to go.

The beach bag has:

3 towels
a bag of sunscreen ( these are in a separate bag that fits into the beach bag. I use various spfs for myself, plus a bug repellent sunscreen and a stick for the kids faces!)
a plastic bag for wet suits
change of clothes for the kids
chip can ( I don't normally buy pringles except for summer time. Its an easy snack and a thin case!)
 a bag of other snacks
 juice boxes
hand sanitizer
 pool toys

You never know when you need to head to the pool or a friend calls and says, it's a pool day lets get out there in 30 min. I'm always ready and this way I won't be rushing around and end up forgetting underwear or something!

The next bag is the park bag. In my park bag I have the following:

Buubbles and bubble accessories
A blanket
sun screen
Bug spray
A kite
juice boxes
bag of snacks
magnifying glass
hand sanitizer
baby wipes

In my car I have another bag with the following:

A ball (not in the bag but in the back!)
A frisbee
sand toys
extra sunscreen (just in case)
sun glasses
extra clothes
hand sanitizer

Hopefully with all of these in hand we can get up and go whenever we need to for a fun filled summer!

What do you think is necessary for summer fun!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


* Last week we had an infestation of fleas! (Full body shiver....and now I'm itching again!) Yeah. Word to the not miss one dose of flea medication for you dog because it's a nightmare! I swear I had nightmares of giant fleas talking to me and telling me they liked my pillow!  Bleh! Luckily it is all taken care of and we are in the process of buying a new vacuum cleaner b/c ours no longer works.

* Sammy had a fever for about 24hrs. THANK YOU JESUS it did not last any longer. Have I mentioned how sick of being sick we are over here! Of course he is milking it and says he is still "a little sick."

* He's probably just tired because for the last week or so he has been waking up every morning at 6AM! Luckily he only wants his daddy. The good thing is his pull up is still dry by that time so...

*I taught Emma how to say "Fabulous!" Its Awesome! It sounds more like "abuwas!"

* I went to Mardels earlier and bought the new Francine Rivers book! No idea what its about but I am SO super excited. Perfect timing too because I have been ready to read some good fiction! I need to figure out when to start though...maybe this weekend!

* Sammy's last week of school is next week and I am a little sad. He is having so much fun at school and loves it so much. His teachers are jewels and it has been a very good year for him. He has learned so much and has really become so much fun. He is hilarious and always joking and teasing (like his daddy!). But, I am excited about Summer...already started planning!

* Orlando has been sick with major sinus issues all week. Thus, I have not slept much because I can hear him snore, breathe and get up and cough up a lung all night. I am hoping he is at the end of this soon 'cause ya'll I need my rest.

* My house has been clean all week. I am fairly proud of myself for this feat. Let me tell you, I had been really slacking in this department lately. I just couldn't catch up and tackle anything. But after the whole flea issues (yup, itching again) I got it all squared away. And, needless to say. The house has been nice and clean and organized.

* Mothers day was great BTW. I really enjoyed my family time with the ones I love most. Plus (yeah this is sort of the best part b/c ya'll know I can be frivolous like that) I got a GC to a spa day which includes babysitting from my MIL! I really wanted that. Of course, Sammy told me this morning that he was sad about giving me that. He says it wasn't what I really wanted. He said, in a very melancholy voice, "Mom, what you really wanted was a puppy and I'm sorry I didn't get you that."

What a sweet boy...but after the fleas (still itching!) I am all about pampering myself at the spa!

Friday, May 7, 2010

For My Mother

I don't have words to share how wonderful my mother is, how nurturing and generous and kind. 
Everyone who meets my mother loves her. She is fun and strong and she cares about people. 

My mother holds herself with such regard and esteem, she carries herself with such confidence. She has a strength from within that I desire. 

And despite the hurts she has faced, despite the troubles she has had, she holds strong to what she believes. She does not waver. She is steadfast and secure. 

My mother loves the Lord with all her heart. She LOVES the Lord. He is her source and it is evident in who she is. 

People admire her strength. They admire her security and it is all because of who she is secure in - Jesus Christ. 

My mother is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She proclaims who she is in Christ and does not back off of it and does not care what others think. 

People may reject her God but she stands firm, she does not cower. 

I have always found that incredible. 

I have always desired that quality. To know who you are, a child of the King, and not worry what anyone things or says. She does that and she does it with grace and dignity. I have always, even as a young girl, admired that. And I pray that I become more like her every day.  

My mother is generous. The most generous person I know. She loves to give. She loves to shop, so it works out well for her! But she will give you the clothes off her back if you needed it. 

I remember one time we were at the Star of Hope during Christmas handing out supplies to the poor. There was this one, small asian man who did not step up and get any supplies and before we knew it we had run out and were unable to give him anything. At that moment, my mother took her jacket off and gave it to the man. I won't forget the look on his face. He was so thankful. I remember I was fifteen, foolish, frivolous and full of vanity and pride, but in that moment I thought, "I want to give like that." I still do. 

If you have a need, she doesn't care how much it costs her, she will do all she can to help you. No questions asked. 

My mother is a prayer warrior, like her mother before her. I know my mother prays for my family. She prays for everyone she loves. She prays. Deep, heartfelt prayer. And she doesn't just pray...she believes.

My mother is a woman of excellence. She pushes others to excel, to be better. She will take you out of your comfort zone so that you can grow and mature. She believes in people. She believes in doing your best all for the Glory of God. 

My mother loves my kids. And I am so blessed by it. They love their yaya so much. She is wonderful with them and when they are with her I don't worry about them. I know that they are getting more love and attention and candy than any child needs! When I need her help she responds without fail. She enjoys them. I love it.  

My mother loves my dad. Despite whatever life has thrown their way, they have a deep love and admiration for one another. She respects him and is the crown on his head. 

My mother is my friend. My best friend. Our relationship has grown from being mother and daughter to being true friends. She does not question how I raise my kids. she does not judge or interfere. She advises and encourages with grace. 

I would not be who I am or be where I am if it were not for my mom. She pushes me to be better. She believe in me. She taught me to love the Lord with all my heart. She prays for me. And I am the mother that I am because of her. 

Happy Mother's Day!

With all my heart...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Secret Garden

I went walking the other day on on a different trail than normal and I passed by a house with a lovely back yard. They had a pool and what I think is a greenhouse and then in a small corner of the yard was a small garden.

It was so quaint, with nice rows and little signs indicating the plants and little sprouts were coming up...


I have been wanting a little garden of my own for a while now. But I didn't think I had the room for it. Our backyard has lots going on. We have the trampoline in one corner, the playset in the other corner and a few trees and against the fence we have it all nicely landscaped so I only have a few places to put a little garden.

And after seeing how small but perfect this little garden was, I figured I can surely find a place for it somewhere.

We have started eating more healthily and more organic around here. I am making our bread, I have joined a produce co-op that has been super yum, but despite this all  I would really love a garden.

My problem...I have no idea how to start one, where to begin, what to plant or where? I would love to be able to use pots as well if possible.

I would also love to grow some herbs.

I live in the deep south. It's almost summer time so maybe it's too late to start planting, but any suggestions or help would be wonderful even if I don't get started until next year.

Lots of tips over at Works for Me Wednesday, so head on over!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Struggling, but Rejoicing.

I'm having one of those of those days I use to have back in my pre-postpartm days. One of those days from 2008.

I'm struggling today.
But I'm fighting.
Trying to fight.

Maybe it's hormones. Maybe I'm tired and my diet needs to change.

My family has been under a sickness attack and I'm not retreating, but I would really like to hide under a rock!

My little girl had a fever again last night. She feels warm today, but is acting fine so maybe it's over.
My house is a mess and I can't seem to get a hold of it!
My dog for the first timein 7 years, ever in her life...has fleas.
So I feel itchy all over.
And it grosses me out.

And I know it's all going to be taken care of today. Got the medicine, she's going to the groomers, etc. And I know my baby girl is feeling better and is getting better.

I'm just weak today.

But, I'm trying to fight.

I have praise music going and I am about to get out of the house.
And during my quiet time I realized that I have to focus on my kids. Enjoy them and revel in them. Nothing else matters but that.

So that's the plan.

This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.

I WILL Rejoice.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Message of Truth

From the Message...

Don't love the world's ways. Don't love the world's goods. Love of the world squeezes out love for the Father. Practically everything that goes on in the world—wanting your own way, wanting everything for yourself, wanting to appear important—has nothing to do with the Father. It just isolates you from him. The world and all its wanting, wanting, wanting is on the way out—but whoever does what God wants is set for eternity.

1 John 2:15-17

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