Thursday, June 12, 2008

I like Home

Life right now is pretty boring. There's not much going on. I guess its due to these lazy days of summer.

I really don't have much to talk about.

The days are spent doing not much of anything but going to the pool or mall or finding fun things to do.

I hope that once I feel a bit better I can plan some outings to museums and other fun activities.

We'll see.

The thing is, I am a home body. I like to be home. And though yes I love play dates and getting together with friends, at the end of the day I like being home.

I probably should be better at planning things with friends and I am always telling somebody or other that we need to get together, but...I like being home.

In fact, the other day I was planning to take crazy to the mall. He loves the mall. I told him when he was barely out of the womb that he would have to love the mall, he had no choice. Well he does.

Of course I ensure that he enjoys himself. We have our routine of getting a cookie, visiting the elephant at the Rainforest Cafe and then either riding the carosel or playing in the play area.

So, as I was saying, the other day I was planning to go to the mall and I told him to get ready to go. Usually he is all for it, and immediatedly asks if we are going to get a cookie.

Well, on this particular day he looks at me and says, "No thanks. I stay home."

Part of me wanted to say, "Alright, whatever." But, I needed to do some shopping. He finally obliged and was happy when he received his cookie.

I think I have made him into a home body as well. The thing is, he needs entertainment. He's one of those kids that needs to be doing something.

Now let me say that according to personality tests, I am part melacholy, part plegmatic, though I thrive in the company of Sanguines.

What does that mean? I am perfectly content being home and not doing much. But when I want to have a good time I find an outgoing Sanguine to do so.

My son is an outgoing Sanguine. So I have to kinda make myself do things that are fun for him.

It's a little tiring. But I love him for it.

So far we are a perfect pair. He makes me have fun and I make him like home. I wonder what the next one is going to be?


Becoming Me said...

That is neat that you and your son have personalities that complement one another.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

I am a homebody too! But once I DO go out and play? I usually have a GREAT time :)

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