Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Lovin' Sun

I like being tan. Sun kissed. Dark. Bronze.
Smelling of Coppertone and banana boat. That is the aroma of summer. A blend of coconut and pineapple. The smell of the beach.
The wind, the surf, the waves.

I love summer because I get to tan in the summer.

I have said before
here, that my favorite thing is to be on a beach, drink in hand, turning every 30 minutes.

Heaven. Paradise. Sigh.

Now, I understand that many people are like, "Oh my gosh, don't tan or be in the sun! The UVB and UVA and whatever else is BAD. Very bad. Tanning is just as bad as being burned."

I understand that. I do.

But...I like to tan.

Let's be honest. Tan fat looks better than non-tan fat. It's true. You can find that in books. Complete fact.

But, because of the ozone scare and whatnot I am very careful about my sunbathing habits.

Obviously these habits will not work for everyone, however, they do work for me. Unfortunately I was not blessed with my father's cinnamon skin, but came in between his and my mothers creamy/Ivory skin. And that's ok. My
Latino style permits some grace when it comes to being tan considering that my skin has a slight bronzy pigment. I would consider it very pale, but most say I am crazy. Well...yeah.

So...Here are my crazy rules for being in the sun, whether at a beach, pool, pond, whatever. Again these are my rules so...

1. Always wear a make up with an SPF. And if you are in/near water, be sure to put on atleast 25 on your face and NECK! Your face and neck are the first things to wrinkle and look old and the sun will do that faster so...prioritize.
2. Put at least SPF 15 on your boobs. After nursing, boobs sag so don't add wrinkles to the effect.
3. Put atleast SPF 15 onto your shoulders. Shoulders also can wrinkle easily and since they are just out there they can burn more easily as well.
4. Put atleast SPF 4 on the rest of your body. SPF 4 works for me. I don't burn except for the parts listed above and so the desire is to tan and there you go. I like using tanning oil, but be sure you reapply each time you take a swim.
5. Be sure you reapply on all parts during the heat of the day, from 1-4. Those are the burning hours.
6. Don't forget to slather on lotion on ears and feet.
7. Put lemon juice in your hair. It will bring our your natural highlights. But be sure to reapply after each swim.
8. Once you come in, use that Green Aloe Vera stuff. I don't know why but it cools you off and aloe vera is suppose to be good for you so...
9. Once inside also be sure not to forget to lather up in some mosturizing lotion. This should be an every day routine, especially on your hands, neck, chest, face and feet.
10. Enjoy your sun kissed, look like you lost a few pounds, bronzed new look.

I hope either some or maybe all of these suggestions helped. I know there are many of us out there that hate the sun and are plagued to sit under a huge umbrella in a wide brimmed hat wearing SPF 85, and I am sorry. I insist that you go and order/make a pina colada. As for the rest of you...Happy sun bathing!

Bring on the Bronze.

For more things that work go to
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Tina said...

Well said. That's the truth. LOL Tan fat looks better. This cracked me up.

Tina said...

I have added you yo my blog list if that's ok

Wade's World said...

I have always said that tan fat looks better than pale fat. It's just a fact of life :)

Skubaliscious said...

I have a compulsion to tan too...and my Aunt and Grandpa had skin cancer spots I think I got my skin type from the other side of the family :) I use the excuse that my husband likes me blonder and tanner -so I'm just being a submissive wife -ha. I think lemon juice probably works just as well and smells better than the sun-in stuff I used to use - I think it's pure vinegar.

Audra Marie said...

Great tips for those who plan on getting some sun. I never thought to use different SPFs for different areas like that.

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