Monday, June 30, 2008


I was at HEB the other day doing our weekly shopping.

My son loves HEB. He loves the tortillas, the cookies and the buddy bucks. For those of you who do not have an HEB store near you I am sorry, for it really is a great grocery store. I'm a fan, what can I say.

Well, we had gone through our routine.

We bought tons of fruit, some veggies, meat, milk, eggs, and the few other things like italian bread crumbs for bistec empanizado and rotel for my yummy rotel chicken.

Crazy had eaten half a banana, half a chocolate chip cookie, 3 tortilla triangles and 8 dried green beans. A wholesome lunch as far as I'm concerned.

So there we were checking out. Money so easily spent. I'm praying we don't go over the allotted budget which I am now the keeper of ever since my tree was cut down.

Luckliy we were under budget and I then proceeded to swipe my card.

In line crazy goes through his routine (he is such a routine child). He asks for a sticker and then buddy bucks and is very pleased over the whole ordeal.

The bagger was a very nice young man, probably 15, if that old. He bagged my groceries well and I always try to be kind to these kids because I have a soft spot in my heart for teens, plus it can't be easy baggin' groceries for houswives all summer long so...

Well this bagger had a very cool name, one I had never seen before outside of the Old Testament.


Names have been at the forefront of my mind lately, due to the bump, and so I am taking notice of many.

As he continued bagging, I said to him, "You have a very cool name. I don't know many Gideon's."
He awkwardly said, "Thanks, my mom got it from the bible."
"Yeah, from the book of Judges, I think. Gideon was a great warrior."
He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I guess so."
"Well," I said as he finished up, "it's a great name with a great story to it. I'm sure you can find it on the internet or something."
"Yeah? Maybe I'll do that."
"Thanks for bagging my stuff."
"Thank you, have a good day ma'am."

Gideon. He lived in a cave. He tested God. One day there was dew all over, the next day there was dew on one spot. He got together an army. Not a very big one. He probably thought the same thing I would have thought, "God you must be crazy!" God comes through. He has a plan and all we have to do is obey and go with it. And when you are a warrior, that is probably a lot harder to do in many cases. But, the Battle is the Lords.

Gideon. I like that name.

"Father I ask you to help the Gideon in us all. The part of us that questions and sometimes finds it difficult to trust. Help us remember that you have every moment, every trial and every battle in your hands. Help me not to look for signs, but to discern your voice and to obey. And to fight with all my heart for your glory in everything. Help Gideon wherever he may be. In you precious name, Amen."

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Skubaliscious said...

I like that name too.

Good story.

Yay HEB!

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