Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ok life has been CRAZY!

If you look at the right of your screen you will see that I have about 62 days left before beautiful baby girl makes her way into our world. That's like 10 weeks or something...which I am still talking days not weeks because if I think weeks that just freaks me out a little.

Anyways, I have been working like a crazy lady trying to get as much as I can do, done.

I don't remember if I ever posted about the turmoil that good 'ol Ike caused our household...let's just say...he was not our friend.

Unfortunately our home suffered damage mostly to my son's room which cause everything in the house to be basically upside down for a while.

We moved crazy kid into the what will be nursery. If my camera was working I would show you a pic, but alas, I fell and broke that so...more on that later.

Imagine with me...in one room we have baby's crib and dresser, crazy's toddler bed, rocking chair, a desk (room use to be office), and a huge antique armoire. All in a 12 x 10 room. I think I actually posted about this in my last post now that I think about it so see...rather traumatic.

Anyways, the great news is that after about a month and a half of no progress whatsoever and a game room filled with everything that was in my sons room...the room will be fixed, walls torn down and replaced, painted, etc. etc. by THURSDAY!!!!

Oh happy day!

Thank being said...I also was able to get lost of sewing done and everything is starting to look really great for baby girl. In fact, her room will be painted the base coat on Thursday as well. Then her wonderful daddy is staying home all next week to work on the prettifying of the room which includes wainscotting and diamonds ( I promise to find a camera and take a pic for everyone to see once it is all done!).

So that is where we are. We are planning to fix up crazy's room some, change it up a bit, though not too much because he loves his safari themed room. He is a huge animal fan and we didn't want to change too much at one time so we are just going to add some fun pieces and make it newer.

So...that's where we are. I will continue to update you on the progress.

You have no ideas how thrilled I am that everything is FINALLY falling into place. Beautiful!

"Thank you Jesus that things are starting to look up some. That both my babies will have new, perfect rooms. Continue to give me energy to finish all the planning that I have not been able to do much lately. Thank you for a husband who so diligently got everything done so he could destress me as much as possible. In your precious name, Amen."

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have lost something. I can't find it. No matter how hard I try, everytime I get close to grabbing it, it slips out of my hand. What have I lost? you ask.

The normal. Normalcy. Normal living. Normal life.


Where have you gone my friend? It has been such a long time since you and I fell into our same ol' pattern. Our ways and habits of yesterday are lost.

Norm left me sometime this summer...actually, perhaps it was earlier this spring.

He didn't want to be around when I was sick and yucky and green. Trying to fight the nausea.

He came back for a short while. A very short while and then left once more with the loss of our patriarch and since then he never really returned. He surely did not come back since Ike came around and so here we are.

Ike really scared him. Norm is nowhere to be found.

My son, for example is still in his baby sister's room. As he states, "It's raining in my room." And is still not fixed. Hopefully the three walls, ceiling and door frame will be fixed inteh next few weeks, but in the meanwhile, his bed is crammed into his sister's room which is holding her crib, her dresser/changing table, our old computer desk, chair and antique armoire. All that in a 10x 13 room.

And when I though maybe norm was about to make his appearance this week. When crazy kid and I finally fell into a nice weekly routine...Monday we clean, have quiet time and go grocery shopping, Tuesday we run errands, spend some quite time, go to the park...Wednesday we go to school, Thursday, another day at school, and Friday a fun day. We had maybe two weeks of that and then...here comes virus. And norm, again lost.

So this is what we are coming out of...someday.

Oh norm, will you ever return?

"Father I am desiring some kind of normalcy. I need some kind of control and my lack of control is really overtaking me. I want something, anything to go according to plan. I know I have to trust you but Lord...I'm having a hard time. Help me to really and truly give it to you and let you deal with it all. I want to be able to do that, but my head is fighting you. Help me give it all up Lord. In your precious name, Amen."

Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog loss

So...I know I have been avaoiding my blog lately. Life has been rather difficult in many aspects and I have just been tired. Of course so much is going on, good and ok, and I could write and tell my readers all kinds of stuff but I am just trying to get my mind wrapped around everything. So, give me one more day and I promise I will have a great read tomorrow! Lots of love.

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