Friday, April 25, 2008

New Blog Design

Hope everyone noticed my new blog design! Doesn't it look super fabulous! Thank you, Thank you to Shauna who did an amazing job! She rocks and for all those of you who are thinking about putting a new face to your site, go and check out her stuff!

Another thank you goes out to my beloved, who loves me so much he came up with the idea of giving me a new site for Mother's day. Since begining my blog I wanted mine to look pretty like everyone elses out there, but I figured I would give it some time and then pay for the changes later. Well since he supports me and is so forgiving of all the time I spend on the computer, he brought it up without my telling him and said, "Do what you want!" Three cheers for husband of the year, supporter and friend!

For all my bloggy friends out there check out the Mommy blog party coming up on May 11- 13. There are going to be lots of give aways, carnivals and prizes! Should be fun and a good chance to meet more blog friends.

Happy weekend to all!


We are THAT Family said...

It's beauti-mous in a cRaZy sort of way!

Queen B said...

It looks great!!!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

I am LOVING your new bloggy outfit!

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