Thursday, April 3, 2008

1:30 p.m. - The Perfect Hour

It's 3:42 p.m. and I have been all over the Internet for the last few hours.

I have read a few blogs and laughed out loud. I have checked my email...twice. I talked to my husband for about ten minutes. I have "window" shopped everywhere from Bed, Bath and Beyond to piperlime to toysrus. I have rejected two calls from telemarketers. I have accomplished so much of nothing.

It's wonderful.

How have I done all of this, you ask? Let me explain.

Everyday I am allotted a certain amount of time of peace. During this time I do not hear any crying or screaming or roaring (Sammy's likes to pretend he's a lion). I do not hear my name being called over and over and over again until I impatiently yell, "WHAT, I'm right here!" I am not needed to obtain juice, or clean up spills of that juice or wipe up pee because of that juice. I do not have to play along in the precious games of a toddler or watch the same "Curious George" show for the fifteenth time. I do not have to translate every word that is said to me or praise anyone or recognize anthing or discipline.

How is this all possible?

Two beautiful words...NAP TIME.

At 1:30 I am a free woman. I can browse. I can nap. I can watch The E! True Hollywood story. I can clean? Yeah right! The crazy thing is, I can clean if I want to. I can do anything in these few precious hours. No one can take them away.

Wait...Oh no, not yet...nevermind...he's awake.

Until tomorrow then.


We are THAT Family said...

We have that hour too. It helps me rebalance AND blog. Call me sometime!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I LOVE NAP TIME! I can get sooo much accomplished. Half the time I am taking a nap though.
I love your blog site.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...


Is is sad that I look forward to naptime!?

My husband was unexpectedly home yesterday during Bubbalu's naptime, and I was like, "uh, hon, this is MY FREE TIME right now, and um, can you stay out of my way so I can play?".

Naptime = happy Mama

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