Saturday, April 26, 2008

Game Night

My cousin and her hubby came over tonight for the first time in months! It's so sad how busy life can get. They got married last March and both my beloved and I stood in their wedding. We saw them twice after their wedding, and tonight we were figuring it had been about 9 months since we got together last. That's pretty sad considering we live only about 30 minutes from each other.

We have so much fun with them and for whatever reason each time we do get together we do the same thing. We have a game night.

We make food and for some reason it has been fajitas the last few times, e didn't plan it that way, but my Hubs makes GREAT fajitas so we typically serve that often. We put our kid to sleep and then we make coffee and get out the cards.

Not poker or Texas Hold'em.
Not UNO.

We play Phase 10!

If you haven't played before, its a must have. It beats out the rest, I think.

Plus, we tend to be somewhat competitive, vindictive and a little crazy.

It is so much fun because we are strung out on sugar from dessert and strong coffee. My cousin isn't much of a coffee drinker so she get almost high on the stuff and I'm just silly so the two of us together make for quite some fun. We say the most ridiculous things and over all it's fun.

Why we don't do it more often, I'm not sure.

So, it's about 12:45, they just left for home and it's time for bed. The sugar is coming down and the caffeine is also filtered out.

All this to say, go get Phase 10 and have a game night, I promise you'll love it!


Becoming Me said...

Oh, I love game nights. I have not played games with fellow adults in so long.

Skubaliscious said...

I love phase 10 :-)

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