Monday, May 19, 2008

What have I Become!

Oh no! It happened. I was afraid that this would happen. And today I crossed over. Everything I believed in and stood for is gone. Done with. Changed.

How could I let this occur.

I was so careful. SO conscious of my thoughts, actions, behavior.

I swore this would never happen.

I would never become this.

My husband is frugal. He is a saver. My financial guru. I am blessed to have a husband who has a brain for money, because as far as I'm concerned, we make money to spend money.

My husband's family struggled financially when he grew up and because of that he is diligent in his finances and of course, frugal.

He has been this way all through life. He learned to make money at an early age. He was smart. An Entrepreneur.

In high school he would go to the local shipley's and purchase a dozen day old donuts for $1.00. He would then take the box to school and sell each donut for 25 cents.


Every morning his lovely, devoted mother would make him a delicious breakfast sandwich: A croissant, bacon, eggs. Her growing boy needed nourishment.

He asked her to make two sandwiched. She obliged.

He ate one on the way to school.
He sold the other for $4.00.

His mother is now waiting to receive the proceeds.

Like I said...An entrepreneur.

He is a garage seller's worst nightmare. He will talk you down with his charm. He will get the best deal.

Your trash is his treasure.

He has made me change. I obliged willingly. I only buy garage sale toys for crazy kid. I look for finds I can "fix up." I, out of necessity, have become frugal. I question every purchase and write down all I spend.

That is...I'm getting better at it.

But, I've come a long way.

Tonight I crossed the line.

We were driving home from small group. My husband pulled into our neighborhood and headed toward our mail boxes.

Two houses from the mail boxes there is a house. Tomorrow being Monday, these homeowners had placed their trash in their front yard.

As we are approaching the house, I glance at their trash. I see that in their trash lies a coffee table.

I look intently at their thrown away coffee table and my first thought is...
"I wonder why they are throwing it away? Can I salvage and use that?"


My husband turns to me and says, "looks like a good coffee table."

How could I let myself come this far!

What has he turned me into?

P.S. No we did not take the table out of their trash! My husband offered though!

1 comment:

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

What?! I would TOTALLY have snagged it, repainted it and used it!

Of course I would have set my alarm and snagged it at 3 am so I wouldn't be discovered :)

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