Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My husband is out of town for the week.

I hate when he goes out of town. Fortunately, it's not very often.

I feel pathetic saying this, but when he's gone I feel like life just isn't complete. I feel a little lost and overwhelmed.

My husband and I are homebodies. We like being home. We like spending time together. We enjoy watching TV and running errands together. I wish he could stay home all the time. I don't tire of him.

Plus, he's a good man. He helps me clean, he loves to cook and not to mention, he's pretty hot. And to add to the greatness, our son thinks he is the most fun.

So...I don't do well by myself.

I'm staying with my parents while he's gone. It's great that they are close enough, but at the same time, it's not home. It's funny, isn't it. I called this house home for 8 years. Now, my son and I are sleeping in my old room, where some things haven't changed.

The room is decorated completely different, my parent's didn't keep it as a shrine or anything. It's painted and has different drapes and carpet. But if you go into the medicine cabinet, there is still a bottle of neutregena face wash and clinique make up remover from 2001.

The floor in the bathroom still squeaks in that exact same spot as it did years before.

The street light outside comes in through the window and keeps me awake.

My prom dress still hangs in the closet.

Yesterday my kid was with his pop and my husband calls me. It was almost like Deja vu. I went into my room, closed the door and laid on the bed. I felt like I was back in high school. How many times did I go through that routine? How many hours did I spend on the phone in my room talking to him?

I can't wait till my husband gets home. I can't wait to go home.

But it's nice being here as well. It's better than being by myself. Not to mention that I will be spending the rest of the day out by the pool!


Amanda said...

awww that was sweet- I hate it when my husband travels too. Its better than it use to be- he use to be gone mon-Fri. and we only had Sat. and Sun. together- Thank God those days are over.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

My hubby was gone for 2 weeks in Feb. and I had a hard time too. I understand!!!

Becoming Me said...

You are a sweet wife.

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