Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm Climbing a Mountain

I'm climbing a mountain.

It's pretty steep and I find myself out of breath...I may need to get out my oxygen tank. By the end of this trek the clothes that I began in will no longer fit. The change in temperature is making me nauseated and dizzy. There are a lot of rocks and bumps and it's all very tiring.

My body aches. My head hurts.

If I eat too much, I gag.
If I eat too little, acid reflux begins.

If only I could rest for a time. If only I could find a small patch of grass and really rest.

I have to keep climbing. I have to keep working hard.

I just want to lie down for one minute.

When my husband comes home and asks what I did all day, I tell him, I climbed the mountain again.

He laughs.

The audacity. He's never climbed a mountain before, but apparently my climbing a mountain is funny.


He wouldn't even know what to do if he had to climb this mountain and bring along his strong willed toddler as well.

If he had to climb the mountain he would milk it for everything it's worth.

So here I am , climbing my mountain.

Hold on...breathe in...ok, the nausea passed.

Tomorrow I shall continue.

Someone once told me that during your first trimester your body is working as if you were climbing a mountain - hence the tiredness and body aches.

What's my body up to?

My body just made some arms, lungs, heart and legs. It's working on the brain. The heart just started beating. In the next few weeks my body will have aided in making ears, eyelids, fingers and toes.

And my hubs thinks this is funny. I should be getting a massage everyday!

For more tips on how to tackle stuff go to 5 minutes for mom!


We are THAT Family said...

It's just a countdown to better days. Take one step at a time. My last pregnancy was the worst. Someone told me that the sicker you are, the healthier the pregnancy. I clung to that. 'Cause I was sick!

Karen said...

Every day that passes, it will get better. I hope your hubby is pampering you when he is home. Hugs.

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