Monday, August 25, 2014

How Dare You Judge my Calling

School starts in our area this week. On my news feeds there will be tons of sweet pics of kiddies going to school. Some will be in new clothes heading off to public school. Others will be in cute uniforms heading to private school. Some will be heading to their dining rooms for homeschooling and others will be in co-ops around town.

A few years ago God called us to homeschool: something I never intended to do or ever gave any thought to! But, nonetheless, we were called and we obeyed and we have loved this calling!

We don’t have to look further than Facebook to see so many opinions and judgments across the board about how we should educate our children. Some of the opinions of others are hurtful and so full of judgment.

There are so many throwing daggers and it makes me sad.

There are many who constantly put down homeschoolers and then there are the homeschooling families that tear down those who choose to send their kids to public school! And it’s just ugly and wrong across the board.

So many are judging and in essence, comparing themselves and their choices to others.

God has called each of us to different paths and just because I have been called to stay at home with my children and educate them here at home does not make me crazy or better or holier!

I was called to motherhood by His grace and love.
I was called to stay at home with my children, which was such a great desire of my heart and something I had prayed for as far as I can remember.
I was called to homeschool our children. I didn’t pray for that one! But I am in awe that He would allow me to do so.

None of these callings make me better or greater.
I am not proud of any of these callings because honestly, I didn't choose them. I was called to them and I am blessed to be able to walk in such callings.
I’m especially not proud of these callings because honestly, I’m not good at any of them.

I wanted to be a mom and stay home, but I never knew how unbelievably hard it would be. I didn’t know how tiring and lonely and tiring and crazy and tiring it would be!

I love homeschooling, but it too is so hard and tiring and it pulls me in crazy ways that I was not prepared for at all.

Motherhood is hard no matter how He has called you to walk this journey.

Going to work and being away from your kids for so many hours is hard.

Building relationships with your kids and finding time to be intentional with them when they have been at school for eight hours is hard.

Taking your kids to school and trusting that they are safe and cared for while they are away from you…that’s hard.

Coming home after work to clean and cook and do homework and trying to spend time with your kids is hard.

Having your kids with you all day long and praying you are doing a good job teaching them is hard.

Trying to figure out school and life and mixing the two is hard.

IT’S ALL HARD. Every decision. Every part of this journey, no matter what you are called to is gonna be hard. Of course there are positives and negatives to every choice. There are easy and difficult aspects to all of it, but over all, the journey is long and sometimes arduous and the last thing we need is for someone who isn’t walking our walk to judge and condemn us!

I truly believe that God calls each of us to do this mothering thing differently; not just for our children’s sake, but mostly for our own sakes.

Why does God call us to so many different paths?

1. In each of our callings there is vulnerability and we must learn to depend on Him rather than ourselves.

2. In each calling He is teaching us and growing us.

3. He desires that we surrender to Him daily and seek him daily for more of him so we can walk out these callings relying completely on Him alone. He has given us the grace and mercy and strength to carry all He has called you to, to completion.

4. He is teaching you that HE makes you enough for whatever He calls you to. The gifts He has given you are exactly what He needs of you in all your callings. No one else will do for what He has planned and purposed you to do.  

Who are we to judge and compare each others callings? How dare we be so bold and audacious to say what we do is better or braver or harder?

God didn’t call me to walk your walk. He didn’t call me to raise your kids or care for your husband or build your home. He called me to my kids, my husband and my home. My walk is nothing like yours and my calling is not like your calling, so how can I compare them? How can I look down on what God has called you to?

I was not called to place my children in public school in this season.
I was not called to work outside the home in this season.
He doesn’t need me in those places right now.
He has called me to be home.

And it’s hard. And I love it. And it brings me to my knees. And it overwhelms me. And it makes me dependent on him. And it makes me vulnerable. And we thrive because He is blessing our faithfulness to His calling upon our lives.

I struggle with these callings…I do. It’s not easy to homeschool my kids. I think about putting them in school often because I’m afraid that I’m not good enough and because it takes so much of me; but, it makes me press into him and depend on Him in ways that I’m not sure I would if they were in school.

He knows what I need to rely on Him and He will call me to those things because ultimately, He desires that I am completely devoted to him. That’s why He calls me to motherhood, to working at home and to homeschooling and that is why He calls you to your callings.

He may have called you to raise strong willed children. He may have called you to raise timid children. He may have called you to raise an autistic child or a child with special needs. He may have called you to raise a child who has a strong temper. He may have called you to place your child in public school. He may have called you to be a teacher’s aid or PTA President. He may have called you to teach other children that are not your own. He may have called you to a school that needs your gifts and talents. He may have called your child to have a teacher this year who is difficult and unkind. He may have called you to homeschool.

He has called you for a reason and for certain seasons and it’s not for you to boast.
He calls you so that you can depend on Him, trust Him and lean upon Him.   

I urge you friends, let us stop comparing and judging each other, but instead let’s build each other up, encouraging one another to fulfill each of the callings in our lives. There is solidarity in the calling of motherhood, so let us stand firm and hold each other up as we walk this journey together and by doing so, may we raise a generation that is stronger and more devoted to God.  

You are His Beloved, 


Felissa said...

Wow, this is wonderfully written. Motherhood is hard! We often won't admit it though because society wants us to be Super Mom...

I would be honored if you hopped over to share with us at Inspire Us Tuesdays. (

Andrea said...

Thank you Felissa. I will check it out!

Stacy said...

Really appreciate your perspective! Trust in God's sovereignty. He placed your children in your family, and my children in mine, etc., knowing every choice we would make for them. The real work of shaping hearts doesn't come in a cookie cutter form, does it? Glad I ran across your blog today. God bless.

Vickie McCarty said...

Great article! Thank you! I've been on both sides of the educational equation. You made some great points.
Vickie over @

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