Monday, March 31, 2014

I Use to be an Actress

I use to be an actress.

I took one of the lead parts in a very highly and sought after role. 

I was shortstop for the Psalty Psalters in Kids Praise 8: Play Ball! Musical.

At our Church.
When I was 8.

At that point in my life it was quite a highlight!

I remember one of my most important lines, which I might add got a lot of laughs..."Psalty, when I get bigger can I be 'tallstop?" 

Adorable...I know!

My acting career took many forms after, but that was perhaps, my most memorable role.

It's funny the things you remember, isn't it?

Every major tale in our life has a reason behind the story. Every day, every event, every incident is loaded with purpose, opportunities...building blocks that shape our character and point of view.

I started writing out a timeline of the highlights of my life from as far as I can remember to the present. 
I tried picking a few key moments in my life that stood out for whatever reason. 
I started with good, happy, memorable moments and then went on to work on the more sad or difficult moments. 

Being a Psalty Psalter was one of my more memorable moments. It definitely made the cut on my timeline.

Some of the other good moments included family vacations and holidays, playing with my cousins at my grandmothers apartment (who remembers the rainbow red shoes!) where we would swim all summer and come in for grilled cheese sandwiches and Tang! 

Other memorable events included reading so many good books...Babysitters club and Nancy Drew...and of course the most kindred spirit of all heroines, Anne of Green Gables. I loved watching movies...old classics and musicals like Summer Stock with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. 

As I grew older my life's romance took center stage with all its school girl romanticism. Life led into great long friendships and college, graduation and marriage, pregnancy and babies.

All of those events had significant meaning and purpose, especially in hindsight.
In hindsight, I could see the hand of God. 

Many of those instances were God showing His faithfulness.
Many of those instances were God calling me to be faithful. 

In each of those highlights I learned so much about who I was, what I desired in life, my gifts and callings. 

I learned early on how important family was through holidays, traditions, vacations and those imaginative, fun filled summers.
The books and films I loved gave me ideals and dreams for a better tomorrow. 
My love story taught me perseverance, endurance, and faithfulness.
My friendships, marriage and children have taught me loyalty, forgiveness and grace. 

I smile as I think about the years ago, when a little girl with long black hair and big brown eyes stood up on a stage in front of over 100 people and delivered lines with fun and ease.

That little girl didn't think much about how others perceived her or worried about what others may say?
She didn't care about being recognized or respected. 
She didn't care about getting praised.
She wasn't worried about the future and if life was going to work out how she planned and hoped it would.

That little girl with the long black hair and big brown eyes was living in the moment. 
She was living in the excitement of being shortstop on the Psalty Psalters team.
She was reveling in delivering her lines with innocent charm.

That little girl with the long black hair and big brown eyes knew she was special and had a gift.
She knew she had a purpose and a calling for that moment. 
She didn't know how far or where that gift would take her and she didn't care. 
All she cared about was using it for one bring praise to her God and King.

What did that moment teach me? 

At that young, tender age He was preparing me to speak. He had gifted me to stand in front of many and deliver lines from a book with ease and conviction, so that years later, I could stand in front of crowds of any size, whether in my home, small group, church or internet blog, and deliver His lines, from His book, all to bring praise to my God and King.

I encourage you to make a timeline of your life and see how God has positioned you and what he has taught you through all those memorable events.

What highlights of your life created callings and purposes for His kingdom?

"Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14 NKJV

You are His beloved,

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jviola79 said...

I enjoyed reading this. It made me realize each of our lives are on a stage. Someone is watching us. May I be mindful as to the story I share today while on the stage of life. I am so glad you shared this today. Have a great Tues.!

Andrea said...

Thanks for visiting! So glad you enjoyed it! Come back soon!

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