Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Raising my Girl

Baby girl is so much fun. She always wants to play. And she plays very well with others and by herself too. Many times I find her in her room playing with her baby dolls and her rose petal cottage.

She has a little routine every night before she goes to bed as well.

After we brush our teeth and wash our face, and plays in "babba's" room for a bit she goes into her room and she begins by washing her hands, because she is a very clean child :)

She then takes each of her baby dolls and puts them in bed. She usually rocks one to sleep, another might have to go into the corner because "baby bad" and once she gets everyone into bed she then begins to take out the laundry in her little dryer and after it's all out, she puts it all back in.

She checks the oven. And then she goes and has a serves me some coffee (we are hispanicm we don't drink tea at night, we drink coffee :)

And once all of that is done, we read a book, pray and go to bed.

She does this every night.

You know the funny thing is that I never showed her how to do all this, atleast not intentionally.

But even as young as two she watches me. She helps me load and unload the laundry and even the dishes. She watches me cook and clean. She pretends to be a little mommy with her dolls as she rocks and sings to them just as I do to her.

It's almost innate, but also very much learned. She learns it all from me.

I am raising a beautiful little girl. A sweet, lovely little lady. And I want so much from her. I want her to be a good homemaker. I want her to enjoy serving others, serving her family now and her future family. I want her to be content with her calling of wife and mother.

I want that for her as much as I want that for myself, if not more.

The truth is that I struggle with this calling of mine at times. I struggle keeping the house in order all the time. I struggle with the mundane chores. I struggle finding contentment of being mom all day and night! I love it. But there are days when I would rather stay in bed and not want to be needed for everything.

And so everyday I pray that the Lord will help me to find fulfilment and joy in my calling. That there will be a newness to each day and a sweet content every day.

And I pray that my daughter will see the joy of it all and that she will learn from me and desire such a calling in her own life. And that she will do it so much better than I.

"Father thank you for this precious ministry of mine. To minister and serve my husband and children is wnderful work and I thank you for filling my cup each day. Father help me be a good example  to my children. Allow me to speak softly and sweetly, so that they can see that the jo I have is from you and because of them. Help me to find joy and contentment in all I do.In  your precious name, Amen

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Annie said...

So sweet! I'm trying to lead by example to my daughter (and sons) that motherhood is an honorable and blessed calling. I also want each of my kids to learn as many homemaking skills as they can. It will only help them be independent adults and better spouses.

Thanks for a great reminder of loving our service to our families.

Jessica Heights said...

Raising little girls is such an overwhelming joy, isn't it? :)

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