Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love Languages

In the past week I have heard more about Love Languages! I heard it at church. At my women's bible  study and then I read a bit about it on one of the blogs I read. Everywhere I turned, people were talking about the 5 Love Languages. And the funny thing was that it had not even been a week since I had googled it and taken a test to see what my love language is.

I went on to the Gary Chapman website and answered questions like..."Would you prefer if your husband brought home flowers or made you dinner." I, of course would be happy with both, but the flowers won!

And from all of my answers I learned that my first love language is gifts. (Duh)! And my second is words of affirmation.

The other two mid range scores were quality time, that one actually was a close third and in 4th was physical touch. Acts of service came out to be 0! I think service are great, but that doesn't speak to me as much!
I knew gifts would be #1. No doubt. I love getting gifts. I see the thought behind the gifts and I feel appreciated when my husband gets me gifts for no reason. I Love it.

Words of affirmation and quality time was hard to distinguish. I love both. My husband and I can spend all weekend together doing absolutely nothing and come Monday I don't want him to leave! We are friends, homebodies and we really enjoy each other. So quality time is one of our mutual languages. And affirmation, I guess I really need that one. I want to know that he still desires me and loves me and thinks I am great. You would think I get that after the fact that he loves being with me, but it's still nice to hear it!

So with all that said I had one incident this week where my love language was met.

On Saturday I had taken a shower and was getting ready to go to a baby shower for one of my sweet cousins. I was putting on my makeup and I had on only a t-shirt and undergarments.

Um, they were purple, lacy, pretty undergarments.

Well, there I was blow drying my hair when my sweet, girly 2 year old walks in.

She is a petite little thing and reaches right at my hip because, well let's face it, tallness does not run in the family.

Before I can turn around her little hand starts stroking my derriere and she says, "ooh mama, pretty!"
And I replied, "Mama has pretty panties." And she says, "Yeah," as she continued to pet me! "Where mine?"

And that went on to a whole 'nother discussion of her being ready to potty train!

When she toddled out I laughed and thought, "Well Lord, I'll take words of affirmation from my two year old any day!"

"Lord I am so blessed by my kids. Thank you for filling my cup every day. Lord show me how to Love my kids and what their love language is so that I can fill them up. Teach me to continue to speak the love language my husband desires. Thank you Father for your wisdom and you word. In your precious name, Amen."

I'm linking up at Works for Me Wednesday over at We are that Family! Becuase, affirmation works for me! :)


christi said...

it is so important to know the love language of your husband/children/yourself! great post. visiting from wfmw.

Em and Lib said...

I took the test too...was shocked that I'm a words of affirmation, girl!

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