Friday, February 11, 2011

My mom makes mistakes sometimes!

Today my kids and I went to Mcdonalds to eat for a valentine's treat. Daddy was suppose to meet up with us but he got tied up at work so it was just the three of us. I got each of them a happy meal, which we never do because we usually make the kids share a meal with us and share a drink but since it is valentine's weekend and since I like to do small things like that when they are out with me so that they remember it's specail being out with me!

So we said our prayer and the kids started munching away at thier nuggets and fries.

A mother with two boys comes in and she is trying to get her kids to follow her while she carries the tray filled with drinks and food, balancing the tray with one hand while she opens the door to the play area and keeps her eyes on her youngest while he dawdles in as if he has no idea the kind of balancing act his mother is putting on right now!

She is trying to get them seated, situated..."I wanted the blue truck," "Where's my truck," "I want fries," He got more nuggets than me..."

If you have been there say, "Amen!"

So as she gets everyone what they want of course one of her kids drops the drink on the floor and sprite and ice flow.

You could see the pained look in her face but she calmly picked up the cup and looked for napkins but, with all the sauces and drinks forgot to get those!

I, having been in her shoes so many times, grabbed the few napkins that I had and helped her soak up some of the soda. She thanked me and went to get the janitor.

As I was going back to my table the older of the two boys said, "Thank you for helping, my mom makes mistakes sometimes!"

I choked back a laugh and said, "Yeah, all mommies do."

Newsflash! Mommis make mistakes sometimes!

Sometimes I yell.

Sometimes I roll my eyes and get obviously annoyed at my children.

Sometimes I forget to get stuff out of his folder and we are doing homework at the last minute.

Sometimes I mess up dinner.

Sometimes I leave the clothes in the wash overnight and I have to wash them again the next day.

Sometimes I would rather be on the computer than playing with my kids.

Sometimes I give in to what they want so they will stop bugging me.

Sometimes I spend too much money.

It's hard being a mom. It's hard getting it all right. But thank God for his Mercy. Thank God for forgiving kids. You know the beauty of children, is that you may make lots of mistakes, but when you are trying to do what is best for them and praying for God's help in that, your kids know that. They feel that. And even when you make mistakes, they still love you. They still think you are the greatest mom. When you do sit down and play with them...and laugh with them. Those smiles are worth it all. Pure forgiveness and love.

"Thank you Jesus for your amazing Mercy. Lord bless that mom today, let her know that she is a great mom and that she is doing a great job. Lord help me to remember that I am not perfect and that's ok. Help me to remember that I make mistakes. Big ones sometimes. Help me to forgive myself and help my children to forgive me and love me just for being mom. Remind me that motherhood is my calling and my ministry and I will not take it lightly! I love you Jesus. Thank you for making me a mom. In your precious name, amen."

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Julie said...

Amen and how wonderful! How wonderful to be reminded Daily how much we need the Lord ~ His mercy, strength, guidance and perspective. And how nice of you to reach out with a compassionate hand . . . those with compassion seem to be the ones who make the real difference, don't they?

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