Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Madness...

I was very excited yesterday.

Every month I take down the dry erase calendar from ou fridge, erase the activities from the previous month and jot down our life happenings for the new month. Apparently that is how scheduling works.

So, I erased March, wrote in April and all the days in the appropriate boxes, which is a challenge for me b/c I never learned that song about how many days are in each month. Plus, I've never been good with numbers at all so you have no idea how many times I am on day 22 and I realize I left out the 15th and have to go back and erase and start over.

So, as I said, I erased all of March and put in April, checked that all 30 days were there and filled in the events for the month and I am happy to report that only one weekend is full!

Can you believe it!

The month of April we have very little going on. Our weekends are free to do whatever we want (stay home, go to the mall, hang out with friends) the sky is the limit!

Now let me be clear...March was a great month, but March tends to be one of the busiest months of our year. Both Sammy and Orlando's birthdays are in March, one of us or both tend to travel in March, plus there is spring break in there and life is just crazy where it seems that everything is going at warp speed and we are just trying to get through one event to get to the other.

Sammy's birthday was at the begining of the month. It was a success despite the rain, but he and his pals had fun. Orlando's birthday unfortunately came and went. On his day he came down with the flu, which took him out of commission during spring break. He felt well enough to take Sam to the Rodeo, but was down a bit the next day for it. Fortunately, the rest of us didn't get sick. I only caught a head cold but we all recovered.

We just returned from San Francisco. Just Orlando and I. We had a wonderful time reconnecting and spending time as us and not as mommy and daddy. However, by the third day, we missed being mommy and daddy and were glad to be home.

Our kids missed us as well. In fact, crazy kid came to me yesterday and gave me a big hug and said, "Mommy I'm so glad you're home." Break the heart!

So this weekend I am off to a women's retreat for a day or so and after that...All plans are last minute! Woo hoo.

"Lord thank you for busy times. I enjoy having lots to do: packing and unpacking, planning and running errands. It is time consuming and tiring, but it is nice when everything comes together and I can look back and see that it all was worth it. And thank you for quiet times. When we can go and do and be whatever we want and not have to look at our calendar and figure out where things can fit in. Thank you for March. It is a month filled with blessings. You are always so good to us Lord, I am so greatful. In your precious name, Amem."

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