Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bumble Bee Clean up...

I'm sitting at my computer blogging instead of cleaning my house. It's rather messy but I will probably just end up doing a quick, what I call, "bumble bee" clean up before my husband comes home. You know what I'm talking about...ready...hear the music from flight of the bumblebee in your head...and GO!

Grab a trash bag, toss loose trash away, pick up everything off the floor and put it somewhere, anywhere, preferably not in a visible space (this is where junk drawers and "monica" closets come in handy), swish the toilet with pine sol (Thanks for the tip sweet friend, you know who you are), put the unfolded clothes back into the laundry room (take it out after hubs comes home as if you have been washing ALL DAY!), stuff the dishes of the day into the dishwasher,put away the OJ, AJ, Coffee from this morning, "Dadyy's coming home we have to clean up! Pick up your toys... pick up your toys," the baby is crying, gotta clean up with one hand, Praise baby always works and he'll walk into such a peaceful home! Gotta change shirts again so I don't smell like a mommy, wipe the faces, check the diaper, brush your hair add some lipgloss and mascara (yes I look this good all day long!) that the garage door, grab Mandarin Orange home spray (thank you Bath and body works) spray, spray, spray (one qucik spray on the dog)...and finally greet your husband with a kiss.

Reward: "Wow, the house smells great.


"Father thank you for a husband that appreciates all that I do and all that he thinks I do! Thank you for giving me the chance to stay home with my kids and take care of my home. It is such a huge blessing, yet it is one I tend to complain about most. Our home is so wonderful and I need to remember that you have made me the manager and I need to make it a place of comfort and rest for my husband, a place of safety and wonder for my children and a place of love and warmth for my friends and family. Keep your angels around us always father, in you precious name, Amen."


Skubaliscious said...

Awesome :)

Now if I could just get Jo to wait until Daddy gets home to drag all the toys back out....she tends to follow me around undo-ing all the tidying!

ruth said...

I now have that bumble bee song playing in my head!

love, mom

ruth said...

hey, you should post my blog on your blog....

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