Monday, July 14, 2014

You Must Fall to Raise Up

As mothers we are called to the greatest ministry in this world:

To raise up a generation of Christ followers, leaders and world changers.
To raise a generation of men and woman who will be lights in a dark world.

Sally Clarkson says Jesus made world changers of his 12 disciples in 3 years and we have about 18 years to do the same! 

What an incredible calling and ministry that HE has entrusted us with! 

That is our calling and it is not for the weak!

The pressures of this modern world are harsh and the traps set out for or children are cruel and sometimes well concealed.

In this era of information and quick satisfaction, we are called to raise children that will seek truth and not Wikipedia facts. We are called to raise children who will learn to abide and be still, instead of running to each over-scheduled activity in fear of boredom and hidden potential.

But in this modern era, we have this fear of failing our children and falling on our faces. We have high expectations and great ideals and dreams for our children, but all of those desires will be for nothing if we don’t teach our children God’s desires first.

God’s desires and our teachings must somehow rise above the world’s voices.

We are called to raise our children to serve others in a world that says serve yourself.

We are called to raise our children to believe their bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit in a world that says you are free to mark and pieces and cut and inhale and abort without judgment or retribution.

We are called to raise our children to guard their hearts, minds, eyes and ears in a world that says satisfy whatever desire needs fulfillment.

We are called to raise our children to commit themselves to their God in a world that says you need not be committed to anyone.

We are called to raise our children to not be unequally yoked in a world that says love the one you’re with without reservation.

We are called to raise our children to know that the truth of the gospel sets your free in a world that says believe what you want and have faith in yourself alone.

We are called to raise our children to test everything against the word of God in a world that praises free thinkers.

We are called to raise our children to wait on the Lord in a world of instant gratification.

We are called to raise our children to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in a world that proclaims beauty is beheld in the bare, altered and picture perfect. 

These voices are shouting with great force at our vulnerable children.

How do we raise our children amidst the noise and images that are beating against the doors of our homes? How do we raise our children above the gongs and cymbals of society and whisper the truths of Gods grace and great love that abounds?

In order to raise up our kids in this modern world of now and noise, we must fall.

  1. Fall into the word of truth.
Daily surround yourself in his teachings. Let His word guide you in every season, stage and circumstance.

  1. Fall onto your knees in prayer.
 Pray for wisdom, direction, words to speak, grace, and strength to endure the fight for your children’s hearts. You are in a fight and it is fierce and the battle wages continuously.

  1. Fall onto your face and humble yourself.
Daily ask for a spirit of grace to abound in your home, in your teaching and training so that your life and love for your God and King will pierce the hearts of your children.

The voices of this world are fierce, but the Voice of Truth will set us apart and give us, as mothers, the grace to endure and the spirit to wage on for our children’s hearts.

Fall daily and raise up a generation who falls on their knees before the one, true God.  

You are His Beloved, 

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Aimee said...

Thank you Andrea. A timely post. We are in the midst of a huge battle for one of our kids. Prayer, God's truth, God's wisdom, mercy & grace are what we are holding on to. And how the devil sneaks in - WOW! We are very 'protective' parents, and yet, he managed to weasel his way in. Thankfully, God is so merciful and He redeems. I did get a glimpse, though, of how much His heart must break when we sin. And I am drawn even closer to Him.

Rachael DeBruin said...

Beautiful post! We also are in a battle for a couple of our children....agree wholeheartedly about the prayer & staying on one's knees!!!
Thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

Aimee, I will be praying for you and your kids. The enemy is sneaky and he doesnt fight fair, But GOD!!! He restores, and heals and provides and sustains us! And the best part is, that He is so full of grace and mercy we have no idea!!! Praying for you today! God Bless.

Andrea said...

Rachel, Thank you for reading. I am also praying for you and yours! Remember the battle is not ours, it is the Lords and the same God who can make the sun and moon stand still can move mountains in our homes and within out children! Praying for you today! GOd bless!

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