Thursday, July 3, 2014

Growing Pains

She comes in around 1 A.M. crying, “My foot hurts!” I rub her leg with oils, giver her some pain meds, pray for her, stroke her hair as she folds her little body into mine and finally rests.

Growing Pains

These past few weeks I have had growing pains.

My feet hurt from walking this walk of obedience.
My legs hurt from climbing this mountain of faith.
My arms hurt from carrying around loads that weigh me down.
My back aches from being stretched and pulled.
My head hurts from constantly captivating my thoughts, insecurities and fears.

When growing pains hurt, I want to just cry. They sting and burn and all I desire is to give up and give in to the continue reading click here

I am writing over at 5 Minutes for Faith today! 

You are His Beloved,

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michelle said...

I enjoyed this and understood this. It is a daily surrender. It is frequently exhausting. It is doable. It is a choice to persevere. Visiting from thought provoking thursday.

Laura Rath said...

Hi Andrea! Welcome to 5MfF! I just left a comment there for you.
God bless,

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