Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to Abide in a Culture that doesn't Remain Still

I sit beside her bed and she says, “lay down mama; Hold my hand, mama.” I oblige, grateful for the moment of rest as I lie next to her crib and take her chubby, little hand in mine through the slats of the bed that will soon be too small for her. I don’t think about that though, I can’t stop her from growing or the soon to be transition to a big girl bed. I can’t think about the fact that once she moves from a crib to a bed, we may never have a crib in our home again.

I lie down and stroke her tiny hand. I pray over her and tell her I’ll stay for “one more minute,” which inevitably becomes two, then three and five.

I give her tiny hand a soft squeeze and quietly say goodnight, as she muffles a soft, “nigh, nigh mama,” in response. I cover her with her soft, pink blanket, which all my babies have affectionately names their “bee” and say a sweet breath prayer over her as I tiptoe out.

It’s out routine and what we do every night. The same routine we had with all of our sweet babies.

Tonight as I laid there with my hand holding hers, I was reminded of John 15:7, “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you will ask what you will and it shall be given to you.”

Abide, remain, dwell.

When my children lie down to rest and they place their hand in mine, they are abiding in me. They are abiding in the truth that they know and believe: mommy holds their hand and holds their hearts and nothing can harm them when mommy is near.
When they hold my hand and rest their heads to sleep, their thoughts dwell in peace and rest because they trust the hand that is holding theirs.

When God holds your hand and you abide in Him and who He is, you can lie down in rest and know that His good and perfect will is sustaining you and protecting you.
When God holds your hand and you abide in Him, you can trust that He is protecting you and providing for you.

When you abide in Jesus, your life, your desires, your prayers remain in Him; you stay and He covers you, like a soft blanket that keeps out the chill of night. You rest in the warmth and have peace.

Abiding in Christ Jesus is the goal of our life. His greatest desire for us is to be still. The bible gives us so many scriptures that teach us that truth.
Rest, remain, be still, dwell, delight, abide…

Yet we cover ourselves with man made materials.
We mock any sort of rest.
We run and are constantly planning out the next move.
We look for the new, the better, the perfect.

Rest, remain, dwell, abide.

We fool ourselves into thinking it is easier to carry the burden. We don’t have time to rest or be still. If we make more, do more, work harder, then we can dwell and abide. Yet the burdens get heavier, the time marches on and the more never ceases.

He calls out to you and says, come to me, abide in me, I will cover you; I will hold you in my right hand. And yet, we let go of His hand. We walk away from His covering.

How do we abide in a culture that doesn't remain still?

  1. Be purposeful in the quiet times. Those rare times where the babes are sleeping and the house is still, revel in the stillness. Put aside the electronics that are never quiet with the constant dinging of notifications and instead, sit in the presence of the almighty and dwell in Him. Rest. Breathe. Be.
  2. Surrender your plans and purpose in those moments. Write out everything that is weighing on you. The pressures and worries, the doubts and fears and then hand it over, one by one. Allow Him to take the burden and lift them off your shoulders.
  3. Be quiet. Listen. Don’t think. Allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate your heart and mind and be in awe of who your God is, as your thoughts turn to His thoughts and your heart is filled with His great love for you.

I challenge you to find a truly quiet and peaceful time and rest, remain, dwell and abide. In that moment my prayer for you is that you will be lifted up, you will find peace and rest and your desires and prayers will align with His word, His heart and His desire for you.

Abide in His truths and ask Him to direct your paths, provide you peace and strengthen your faith.

Rest, remain, dwell and abide.

You are His beloved,

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Lee and Beth said...

Beautiful! And a great reminder for me, today, as I am guilty of being too busy most of the time.

Lyli @3-D Lessons for Life said...

Andrea, this post ministered to me deeply. I am sharing it all over the place today. Thank you for linking up at Thought-Provoking Thursday!

MaeMae said...

Oh I love this and teared up as I was reading. I am so guilty of this.

I found another blog I love :)

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