Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pursuing Beautiful

 Friday posts on Beautiful Craziness will be posts dedicated to pursuing beauty within our homes and our selves.

There are certain elements of life that make the crazy, beautiful. 
Whether it is a delicious recipe, a creative craft project, beautiful traditions or maybe fashionable inspiration; Inspiring Beauty within the Crazy is part of what Beautiful Craziness desires to do.

We were created for beauty. 
We were created to be artisans: to pursue beauty in this world and to create beauty.
 We were created for Eden.

Beautiful is part of who we are, especially as women. 
It is part of our natural desire to display such beauty in our homes, our tables, our traditions and in ourselves.

To pursue beauty is to live fully as the woman we were created to be: Women who love the splendor of creation, who bring forth artistry, charm and delicacy into their homes and who inspire beauty in their crazy lives.

Join me every Friday and be inspired to Pursue Beauty within your own Crazy life!

You are His Beloved,

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