Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Makes Me Weepy

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Usually, the Thursday before easter comes around and I start getting weepy. I start thinking about all my Jesus did for me on that Thursday 2000 years ago and the waterworks start to flow.

By Friday, I’m a mess.
Saturday is quiet.
And on Sunday…I know my Redeemer LIVES!

Sunday is good!

This year was a little different.
I reflected on Passion Week throughout the week...Thursday came, Friday was sweet and busy and fun, we went to Church on Saturday and had a lovely dinner with friends and I never cried.

Oh, but Sunday.

My spirit was heavy on Sunday.

We dyed eggs and had a feast. 
I pulled out the resurrection eggs and as I was talking to the kids about all that our Lord did for us, I had to hold back the tears.

I came into my room and started to listen to some praise and worship and classic Easter songs and I wept.

What do I think about on Easter that makes me cry?

  1. I think about Mary.
I'm a mom, so I think about Mary. At 15 did she have any idea what she would witness? Did she have any clue that the sweet baby she held and sung to; the sweet baby that wrapped His tiny fingers around hers would be condemned to a criminal's death? Did she have any clue that He would save the souls of mankind? As she stood at the cross and watched her baby boy brutally die, did she think of every tenderness, every kiss, every hug, every tear, every dream, every moment that made Him her precious child? I think Jesus thought of all those moments as he looked upon her, and even in His final moments he took care of her needs, the same way she had always taken care of His.

  1. I think about Jesus.
I think of the blood sweat anguish, the prayer, the turmoil, the strength, the love, the beatings, the mocking, the pain, the passion, the sacrifice, the walk to Golgotha, the blood, the cross, the nails, the thorns, the spear, the love…the love.

I think about the fact that hours before he was betrayed, he was loving and serving those He cared for most.
No greater love…

  1. I think about the disciples.
I think of Judas’ betrayal. Satan lied and entered him and then left him, desperate and shamed with no where else to go, but the potter’s field. I think of Peter and his denial. His broken heart, his guilt, the freedom he felt when he saw the empty tomb. I think of John. How did he look on His savior and best friend and watch Him brutally die? I think of the devotion he had to Jesus as he took Mary as his mother, caring for her for the rest of her days. I think of him running to the tomb and going straight in with complete, overwhelming excitement!

  1. I think about those who have no hope.
So many are lost. So many don't believe HE is Risen! So many don't know. So many are suffering, hurting and going through this life lost and as wanderers.

  1. I think about how unworthy I am that I have hope.
Father, I am so unworthy. Why me, Lord? Who am I that You would love me and choose me?

  1. I think about the Joy of salvation.
The Joy of my salvation is what propels me forward in this hard life. It is the hope of salvation that gives me the passion to teach my children of His love, His mercy and His faithfulness. It is the joy of my salvation that gives me a love for my husband and family, so that I can serve them and love them faithfully. It is the joy of my salvation that brings me to my knees and makes me thankful for his mercies that are new every morning.

  1. I think about the Resurrection!
He is Risen! Death could not hold Him! The tomb is Empty! He carries the keys to Sin and Death and the Grave and we have eternal life if we confess that He is LORD and Believe in our hearts, we can be saved and spend ETERNITY in heaven with Him!

There is Hope Beloved! He is Hope! He died for you and He is Risen! Believe and be saved!

"Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen!" Luke 24:5-6

You are His beloved, 

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Elise said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart and giving me much to ponder as I continue to thank God for His ultimate sacrifice. Happy Easter, Elise from Circles of Faith!

Lauren said...

So wonderful! I rejoice with you! Yesterday (Easter Sunday) I was a mess as I went up to take communion- singing and praising the Risen Lord with tears running down my cheeks- tears of joy and gladness and tears for my sin and rebellion; tears of hope and thanksgiving!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)

Helene Smith said...

I feel for Mary too and think the disciples must have been a mess of sorrow, fear and guilt that long sad Sabbath. But I love the idea of the other Mary finding an empty tomb!

Andrea said...

Thanks for commenting ladies!

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