Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Wonderful and Woeful of mommyhood...

I know, I's been two months...I'm sorry but life Busy, crazy...which by the way, it is harder to have a life of ones own when you have two other little lives to care after. I mean, with crazy kid we were at the point where we had a good schedule, I could get stuff done, play with him, teach him stuff, feed him and then even have a few hours to myself for whatever I needed to do.

Now, I feel as if I don't sit down.

In fact, today I didn't eat lunch until 2:30. And the need to pee came around 4 this afternoon and I still haven't made it to the potty yet. Thank goodness for a bladder of steel and that after two babies!

But seriously, I am constantly on the go. Cleaning, laundry, feeding, putting to bed, etc. The glorious thing is that I have two amazing kids. Crazy boy is obedient, when he wants to be, and baby girl is a piece of cake, except when she isn't. So...maybe I am the one with the problem, but either way, that is the season we are in now.

So what has been going on...lots.

This past week I experienced one of the joys of mommyhood. One of those wonderful, beautiful, never ever forget things happened.

Baby girl said her first word. And not just any word.


And she said it like she has been saying it all along. It just trickles out of her mouth. "Mama mama ma" all gurgly like and sweet.

It was the greatest thing ever.

And it's even better when she rolls over in her bed after she wakes up from a nap and I can see her in her baby monitor and she just starts saying, "mama mama..." Pure joy!

And can I say, I deserve it! I mean...she is a momma's girl, for now anyways. We are so comfortable together. She is happy when in my arms, she can sleep cuddled close to me no matter where we are...we are two peas.

But I was afraid of those first words. I mean, crazy kid and I were cool together too. I thought he was a momma boy, but the day of truth came when he uttered, "dada" before momma.

What kind of justice is that.

I mean, I am the one who bathes, cleans, feeds, burps, changes, over and over and over again.

And what do they out for "dada."

But not my girl! She understands the connection...the sacrifice.

Of course...I have had to become a mean mommy to my girl recently. Despite the beautiful words.

Happy day! Baby girl got her first tooth back in May. Then the second tooth came out a few weeks after. Pretty fast! And happened.

Brace yourself...I got bit.

And I'm not talking a little nibble. I'm talking full on, gnawing!

Ok, go ahead and take a minute to do that full body shiver...


Let me tell we know why we say the phrase, "It hurt like a mother..." because only mothers feel pain like this.

And only mothers will continue to put themselves in harms way for the sake of their children. Time and time again...childbirth, breastfeeding, etc.

Back to the bite. So...there I was feeding my precious child. Looking into her beautiful blue eyes. The oxcytocin is flowing or whatever that chemical is that flows and makes you happy and connected...when all of a sudden...two sharp, never been used, finely chiseld teeth clamp down.

Screaming occurs.

And get this...she laughs. Laughs!

So what did I do...I flicked her sweet, perfect little cheeck and said, "No, we don't bite!" As if the child has any idea what I am talking about. She then starts to scream. Daddy comes in and rescues her.

I am bleeding.

I tend to my wound and with great sacrifice and courage I take her back in my arms.

I begin to feed her again from the other side, of course.

Let me tell you, for 4 days, I felt like I was going to pass out everytime I fed her. 4 DAYS!

She hadn't bit since. I thought maybe she had learned her lesson.

Last week...she got top teeth. Teeth created for biting. For cutting into apples and meat.

Yesterday...I was bit 3 times!

I yelled, flicked her, she cried...

But that last time, I'm not kidding, she seriously looked at me with a knowing look and softly bit down as if she was asking..."are you flipping out when I do this?" Well, she hasn't bit me since.

So...everytime I feed her I am watching her and praying for numbness...just in case.

"Father I love being a mommy. I love this stage of infancy. When they are babbling and vying for your attention. Thank you for making me a mommy. Thank you for the joy that this baby girl is. Thank you that she said "momma" first. I know it is dumb, but I find such reassurance that she knows my name and calls for me. Lord there is nothing greater than to be called momma. Help me to treasure all of these moments...even if they hurt! In your precious name, Amen. "

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