Monday, July 20, 2009

Mother of 4...don't think so!

You know that convesation you have with your beloved...the conversation that starts..."So...we done yet?" Are we done having kids, that is.

Well, that conversation has been brought up here and there the last few.

After baby girl was born lots of people asked, "So when are you gonna have another one?" Or, "are you ready for a third?"

Are you FREAKIN' kidding me! Seriously...asking a mother of a newborn those questions is just not that bright.

I mean...can we get a few hours of uniterrupted sleep first before we jump on that wagon. Or I don't know...let's see what life is like when toddler and baby are both mobile! Yeah...let's cross that realm first!

Nonetheless, God in his great wisdom and grace made that newborn phase shortlived. As I have said before here, baby girl is in that very easy to manage stage. She sits pretty, isn't mobile (and I am secretly hoping she won't be for a while) and is all smiles and pretty predictable. She cries when she is hungry, dirty or bored. Piece of cake.

So you see how God tricks ya...I mean here you are thinking, "I got this!" HA! How we easily forget!

And then before you know it you find yourself thinking, "should we have anotherbaby?"

Husband says no. He is pretty sure he is done. He is happy with two. His reason being that with only two no one ever has to ride alone on a rollercoaster.

Yeah, brilliant, I know.

I really don't know. Still on the fence. All I know is that I don't want to regret anything.

This week my neice and nephew are staying with us as their parents travel to get thier adopted #3, Ava Berhenesh, from Ethiopia.

So I am getting a taste of what more kids would be like. And let's just say...I'm tired.

"Precious Lord, thank you for my beautiful kids and for my neice and nephew who are sweet and so good with my kids and so much help. Lord, I don't know if I want anymore kids. What do you think? Is our family complete? Lord help me know your will and be without doubts. Thank you that you always take care of every detail and know the plans you have for us all. In your precious name, Amen."

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Susan Aldana said...

Mine is 17 and I just read about Ava and I am pondering the question "What if you had one month to live?" Should I adopt? btw-I thought one girl was more than enough and you have a boy to boot. Think about soccer practice, dance class, etc.

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