Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Whoa Mommy...

Monday morning we all happily slept in a bit. We had spent Sunday at a cousin's house swimming and having a great time.

Crazy did not take a nap at all the previous day which was not planned, but luckily for us he managed very well since he was having so much fun swimming with his cousins.

So, due to the lack of sleep, he managed to sleep quite late on Monday. My husband was greatly relieved because he played just as hard as little one...In fact, I'm not sure who had more fun. After 5 hours of volleyball, basketball and animal ball, he was very sore and tired.

Crazy finally trotted down the stairs and climbed into bed with us. He loves it when daddy is home because his routine is to come downstairs and roll around the bed and wrestle with him. Where am I? On the edge of the bed trying to get just a few more seconds of sleep while at the same time trying not to get jabbed.

His new thing is to lift up my shirt and say hi to the baby. He hugs my tummy and says, "Hi baby, what you doin? Taking a bath. Ok baby." I don't know where he picked this up from but this is his little saying to her every day.

He then will proceed to hug "the baby," i.e. my tummy, and kiss the baby and then he will schulerbert the baby.

Well this morning he begins his routine, gets on his knees and tries to lift my shirt. Then, all of a sudden he falls onto his knees and and with big round eyes he says, "Whoa mommy, your tummy's big!"

My husband and I laugh! And I say, "baby is getting bigger." He nods his head in disbelief and pulls up his shirt and says, "My tummy's little but yours is big mama."

So...I guess my tummy is getting big!

"Father, thank you for a healthy, growing baby. Thank you for a sweet brother who loves his sister so much even now. Lord help me as I go into the last few months of this perfect pregnancy. Help me sleep and not be anxious. Help me stay healthy and help me be strong. And give my husband the desire to massage my back every day! Seriously, that would be nice, but mostly help him meet my's hard chasing after a rambunctious toddler and getting bigger every day (that is for the both of us!). Thank you for such a good and caring husband. Protect us. In your precious name, Amen."


Tina said...

I love it sooooooo cute. I can remember my boys decribing my triplet belly as this grotesque being to their friends. I huess they were kinda right LOL

Heidi said...

It is so neat to see your first baby fall in love with your second baby. Thanks for coming & visiting my place.

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