Friday, June 13, 2014

For My Husband on Father's Day

I see his adoration for his children.
The way he holds them
as they rest their heads in the crook of his neck and
relax within his strong embrace.

I see his admiration for who they are;
their good, their love, their extraordinary gifts, their delightful personalities.
His eyes gleam as he watches them enjoy life and enjoy him.

Sweet dreams fulfilled.

I see the way he looks at me.
He holds my gaze.
After so many years, I still blush and demurely look away;
Escaping back to the moments of sweet fifteen and captivated by his look.

He takes my hand and holds my gaze once more.
It’s amazing that despite the wrongs,
the apologies, the hurts, the frustrations,
the shame, the hard, the frail, the broken, and the pain,
It’s still us.

Time has marched on and yet, we are still us.

Sweet dreams fulfilled.

My Jesus, I love this man.
I love who he is and who he is becoming.
I love his tenderness, his courage, his strength.
I love his frailties, his weakness, his fears.

I love the very nature of who he is;
For the nature of who he is, is you Lord.

Sweet dreams fulfilled.

Happy Father's day to my Beloved and to all the wonderful Dads, 

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Deb @ Counting My Blessings said...

Andrea, Beautiful words from a tender heart. Thanks for sharing them with us.

tagsthoughts said...

Beautifully written. <3

Lauren said...

What sweet words of love to your husband! I hope he has a wonderful Father's day!

Lauren said...
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