Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A place for Everything...

You have heard that saying, "A place for everything and everything in it's place."

Yeah...that's not the way it is at my house. 
I have been under major conviction about this because:

1) nothing is in it's place
2) few things really have a place
3) everything kinda gets lost or misplaced

Thus, the old saying.

For example, as I write this I am sitting in my kitchen looking all around.

On my kitchen table I have the following items (I'd show you pics but we lost our camera and will hopefully have one by the weekend)...

  • Church Bulletin/notes (which is sad b/c we didn't make it to church this past Sunday so needless to say this has been on the table for maybe 2 weeks)
  • Mail
  • Folded gift bag
  • A picture my son drew for his cousin
  • Tip Toe Ballerina Board book
  • A lighter
  • Lint remover rolly thing

Now, don't judge me yet because I will say that my house is very messy right now. Well the kitchen is for sure...yeah the living room is too! I looked back to check and sure enough I haven't gotten to picking it up yet either (we all know blogging is more important!) Anyways, the reason it is so messy is because my little girl has been very sick and I have been one tired, stressed out momma! (See, I need this blogging therapy!) 

So, back to what works for me...

My kitchen being as it is you can see that things aren't in their place. And I came to the conclusion that many things aren't in their place, not just in the kitchen.

Therefore...It is time to create places.

This is the dream...

Not even close!

These are things on my list that need spaces of their own...

Crazy kids Art projects - I don't keep all the kids projects (though I have for the last umm..eight three months because I have not gone through them and decided what goes in the keep pile. A friend suggested these amazing things called "under bed boxes!" And I realized that may just work! 

Gift Bags- I recycle a lot of gift bags. I still have bags from my wedding! Right now these actually do have a place...the one on the table just isn't there. I have this large antique furniture piece...let's call it an armoire, where I keep all the bags. This has proven to be an ineffective place to store them so you know where I am going to keep the,,,,Under bed box! 

Next...Medicine. I've written about us being sick a lot lately here and here. And I have noticed our medicine is scattered around a few places and I will confess that there have been times when we just can't find the thermometer so I need some crates for under the sink (ha, you thought I was going to say bed didn't you!).

And I think I am going to get a few more crates for random other things that need places. I could go on and on but so far those are the things on my list. 

I'm hoping this works for me. I think it will. I crave organization, I've really let things go lately so I need to get better about this. So...tomorrow I'm off to Walmart in hopes that they can help organize my beautiful, crazy home and save me some money too! Now off to find that label maker! 

Any other suggestions or tips? For more ideas that work click here

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Holly said...

ohh, I hate it when there is no order! I crave it too! Thanks for visiting me...cute blog!

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