Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beautiful Crazy March....

Our busiest season is soon upon us....March!

March is the month of my church's annual women's retreat...which is AWESOME! This will be my third year attending and I look back at the few years where I didn't go for whatever reasons and it makes me sad! Which is funny because at the time I didn't know what I was missing, but now it is mandatory for me. A weekend with some of my closest friends, mentors, beautiful, amazing women who I aspire to...knowing that my kids are with my husband and having a great time eating who knows what and doing who knows what! So fun.

Then of course comes my Son's birthday. We celebrate birthday weeks and so it will be a fun filled week of celebration. It's nostalgic and sad for me too. He will be turning 4 this year and it makes me sad. He is so big and articulate. The expressions he has and all he is it possible that only 4 years ago I could hold that precious boy in one arm and now I have to use all my strength to carry him!

We have lots of plans including fun at pump it up, birthday snack at school and of course his party at Chuck E Cheese.

And then my husband has a birthday a week later...His 30th! I am planning a big party to celebrate with all our family and friends. It's a cuban festival...with a roasted pig, black beans and rice, and all the works! I just have to figure out a gift.

Anyways, busyness surrounds March but hopefully april won't be so crazy! It sure is a beautiful life though!

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