Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Girl

So, I decided that I am gonna take some time and brag a bit on my baby girl because I can. I try not to talk about my kids too much to other people. First, because I think they are the greatest kids in the world, not to mention cutest kids, so I don't want others to feel bad. And I don't want to be one of those people who are always talking about what thier kid did that was so adorable. I mean, I love kids, I always have, and I think most of them are really cute and I generally love hearing about thier antics, but sometimes it's like, "Ok, your kids a genius, let's move on!"

That sounds kinda mean, but you know what I mean.

Don't get me wrong, I talk about my kids and brag on them when I think I should. But my general audience includes their dad and grandparents.

Back to Baby girl. I talk about my boy a lot because, well he is all over the place and non stop talking. A production on legs! Baby girl, however, is more quiet, dainty and only has a few words in her vocabulary.

She's not yet walking though she is taking more independent steps each day.

She responds to praise and generally claps or says yay each time she does something well, like puts the shape in the correct hole. She also looks for me to respond when she does this.

She is more cautious and careful. She carefully sits...carefully places her hands to lift herself and she doesn't like to be left alone in a room. When others talk to her she gives a half smile and hides her head against me or moves toward me. It takes her a moment to warm up to others.

She give's "besitos" or kisses by pursing her lips together, leaning in and saying, "muah!" It's awesome!

She loves her dolls. She holds them and rocks them and sings to them.

She loves to sing. She hums herself to sleep. "Mmmm,mmmm,mmmm."

She loves looking at books. Her first word, other than mamma and dada, was look, or that is "uk." She points to things and says, "uk,uk!"
She likes to color (though she must be watched because the crayons will go into her mouth!) She likes to dance. When music comes on she sits and swings her arms from side to side.

She's super ticklish. She puts mommy's bracelets on her arm and shows them to me in such a sassy way. She loves her daddy. Whenever daddy sits on the floor to play she immediately comes over and sits in his lap. And if she's tired, she goes to his lap, puts her thumb in her mouth and lays across his lap. It is the most precious thing ever!

She says mama like 100 times a day. She sort of sings it and when I respond or look at her she just smiles and keeps saying it!

She loves Dinosaur train on PBS! It's hilarious. She stops whatever she is doing and goes to the TV when it comes on. She loves the song and during the end of the theme song when the dinosaur roars, she is roaring along on perfect cue!

For a while her brother would go around sining, "La la loo" just like Don on the show and now she is constantly singing, "La la hoo!" The funny thing is, on the hoo, she sucks in her breath!

She loves her brother. When he is crying she goes to him and pats him. He will now go and lay on her lap and she pats his back. They love to play on mom and dad's bed. And each constantly vie for our attention, but they don't mind each other at all. The only rule, if brother has a snack, she needs one too.

She is my sweetheart and I love every moment I have with my girl.

"Father, thank you for my precious girl. How she has grown. But I love this time of exploration and newness. Every day is a new adventure and a new lesson learned. She is like me in so many ways. Just like You said she would be. But God, I want her to be more. I want her to be more like You, not me. I want her to be brave and strong, but sweet and pure. To be loyal and good, but steadfast and true to who she is. I know you are doing a good work in her already. Thank you for my children. My joys every morning. Keep them in your hand and protect them. In your precious name. Amen."

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