Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Rules of Femininity

A few weeks ago we were late about to head out to church. I was dresses nicely, earrings, perfume and the kids were in church clothes (our church is of the come as you are mode so church clothes for the boy involve jeans and a nice t-shirt or sometimes a collared shirt and of course I dress the girl up on most days!). I even had on some new shoes that I had fallen in love with and was thrilled to wear them, but when I went to put them on I noticed my toes.

Of course I had noticed that I haven't had a pedicure in more months than I can count, but neither have I given myself a home mani/pedi in quite a while.

Well, we were already cutting it close and so I rummaged around to try to find a color so I could do that magic trick of painting over the existing polish.

Raise your hand if you have pulled out that trick before!

I didn't think I was alone!

But get this....I couldn't find any polish. Nothing.

I had recently cleaned out under my sink and had thrown out lots of polishes and had evidently organized it all so well that I couldn't find anything!

My husband was calling for me to get going, the kids were already strapped in the car, I couldn't fnd any shoes that would look as well without changing outfits and I haven't gotten to organizing my closet yet!

So I went to church. With unpolished toes. Not just unpolished. Chipped.

Luckily the shoes were only peep toed, but still.

Mom, if you are reading this, I am sorry. Totally goes against how I was brought up!

I seriously was very embarrased. I kept trying to hide my feet. And the worst part was that I had new, pretty shoes.

So sad.

So I came to the decision that it's about time I staop neglecting my beauty manegemant.

When I was in college and highschool I took care of myself.


I didn't rely on spa's and the nail salon, I didn't have money for that then and I can't justify it (or find the time for it) now.

So, I am on the mission to do the take time for me and my skin, my feet, my nails, my hair, etc.

I am on a mission to prevent, to shrink and to clear up.

So bring on the face cream, the masques, the cucumbers, the polishes and conditioners, the excercise (gasp)!

I am going to follow the rules of Femininity!
Every Wednesday I will have maybe a tip, or challenge or just a recap of what I am doing to keep up with my femininity.

This week...Shrinking my pores. I'm off to Ulta to find a good Peel and Clay Mask!

And now I leave you with the sweet song from Summer Magic....

What are your rules of Femininity? Any tips?

"Father thank you for making me a woman. For the joy of being feminine and pretty. For feeling good about myself when I take care of myself and for having the discipline to do so daily. Thank you for razors and haircuts, for make up and pretty jewelry and clothes! Help me to care for my temple in every area, what I put in it and on it and may it all be for your glory alone. In you precious name, Amen."

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Jenny said...

I love Summer Magic! The Femininity song is just adorable!

I prefer to be well put together when ever I leave the house but my big thing is having my eyebrows neat. So long as my eyebrows are tidy I feel quite presentable.

I am working on being more feminine though as I tend to wear quite dull clothes, especially for work, but I love pretty colours and ruffles and all those girly details!

'Becca said...

Taking good care of yourself affordably at home is a very worthy goal! But I have to say, if you find that the main thing you're thinking about in church is that your toenail polish is chipped, SET IT ASIDE and focus on Jesus, who loves you no matter what your toes look like and who told us not to worry about what we will wear. Relax. You are beautiful even if you aren't perfect!

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