Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Dearest Sammy

My Dearest Sammy,Today you turn 4 years old. For four years you have filled our home with laughter and fun. You are my little crazy kid.
4 years ago today I waited for you to finally enter my life. Just as your name sake, “She named him Samuel, saying, ‘Because I asked the LORD for him.’” 1 Samuel 2:20

We waited patiently. You did not want to come out. We now know that you like doing things on your time! By the end of that long day I told the doctor to just go in and get you!

I can see your sweet face even now. You were perfect. When they took you out you screamed! You were so mad!

Despite the bright lights of the operating room you were determined to open your eyes. You wanted to see what this world was all about. You weren’t afraid of anything; you were ready to take it on. And when you did start crying again, they quickly brought you over to me and when I started speaking you stopped crying. You heard my voice and calmed down…you knew my voice, you knew it in the womb. That moment was one of the most precious moments of my life. I was a mama. From a little girl that is what I had always wanted to be and you gave me that gift.

Sammy from the first day you were pure joy. You were a fighter, you were stubborn, you were laughter, and you were constant.

You liked having your way. You wanted to be held as much as possible and you put up the biggest fight when you didn’t get your way. You were a little clock. A textbook baby doing everything you were suppose to the week you were suppose to. You babbled so much, a talker from the beginning, just like your daddy!

You were a good baby and that gave me the confidence to be a good mama. You smiled and laughed early on! It was glorious. Pure heaven. It still is.

And now 4 years have passed. How can that be?

Not much has changed. You are still a fighter. You fight for what you want and many times you get your way! Though now you may be fighting for one more minute to play or one more cookie…my prayer is that you will grow and fight for what is right, true, honest and just. You will fight for your family. You will fight for the calling God has on your life.

You are still stubborn. So many days I lose my patience and I am sorry for that my love, but in all honesty I am so glad you have a strong will. As your daddy and I try to discipline you and train you, our prayer is that your strong will, will grow and mature. Because of your strong will, you will be above the rest. You will not cower with the crowd, but will do what you believe is right and good. That you will not be led, but you will lead others.

You still make us laugh with all your fun sayings! You’re newest saying…whenever you are explaining something you say “it’s because I’m human…” You like donuts because you are human! So fun!

I love how you are with your sister. My love, you are so wonderful with her. You are patient and kind and you love her so. And she adores you. I love that she likes to sit in your lap just like she sits in daddy’s lap. And that she imitates everything you say and do. I pray that she will always look to you and that you will be friends more than brother and sister.

You are growing so fast my sweet boy and it hurts my heart. Selfishly I would love for you to s
tay 4 forever. But I am so excited to see how you will grow and what this next year will bring for you.

I am excited about all the things you will learn, the friends you will make and the plans God has for you. He has great plans for you sweet boy. They are gonna be awesome and I am so excited to be a part of your life.

Thank you for making me your mama. I love you more everyday.

“And the boy Samuel continued to grow in stature and in favor with the LORD and with men.” 1 Samuel 2:26

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Skubaliscious said...

Happy Birthday to an awesome lil man!

Can't believe how fast the time goees!

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