Sunday, May 3, 2009

A little bit of DIRT...

I was on double duty tonight since my Hubs has been sick.
I cooked dinner by ordering pizza. I worked out (while carrying baby girl!) and I got the kids bathed and ready for bed.

Baby girl just loves her bath and bathing with brother is a special treat. She kicks and squeals and laughs hysterically at him. So fun,

So, anyways, I bathed baby girl, bathed crazy kid and then left him in the tub to play while I lotioned up and dressed the baby.

I leave her in her room to play, while I go to get crazy...and I find him all scrathced up and red.

"Mommy it won't come off."
"What won't come off?"
"The dirt. I'm all dirty."
"Baby I already washed you."
"No mommy, I have dirt on me, see..." He says as he points to his tummy that as I mentioned before is all scraped and red. I strain to look past the scratches but don't see what he is talking about.
"Baby, you aren't dirty."
"Yes mom, I am. Right there." And then he points to a little bitty freckle.
I try hard not to laugh and say, "Baby that isn't dirt that is a freckle. The sun kissed you and left a spot."
"I don't want it, it's dirt. I don't like it."

Well,the "dirt" didn't come off, but he is the cutest kid!

And now to bed. Being mommy and daddy is exhausting!

"Dear father, thank you for moments like these that are so fun and precious. Thank you for reminding me how much help my husband is and how I blessed I am to have him as my helper. Thank you for healing! In your precious name, Amen."

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