Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To do in 6 months or less...

So, now that we know we are having a baby girl I have an extensive to do list which must be completed before December!

1. Paint room PINK!
2. Make bedding/curtains/diaper cloths/and other decorative projects I have in mind...
3. Get the furniture that is now in the room out of the room and in the attic or on craigs list.
4. Figure out what to do with the furniture that we are planning to keep around and pray it fits wherever it needs to fit.
5. Register.
6. Find all the baby stuff that's in various closets.
7. Read more on this BPA stuff.
8. Knit booties for her arrival.
9. Start shopping in the plentiful aisles of baby girl clothes.
10. Find the rest of the furniture that she needs.

So...those, in a nut shell are all the projects I have to do in the next few months. If you need me I'm either at hobby lobby, etsy or babies r'us!

"Father give me the power to make right decisions on all of this stuff! And the energy to get it all done and not procrastinate or over exert myself. Let it all go smoothly and beautifully as I have planned it all in my crazy head. Be all over this room and in every piece of furniture and all the love we put into it. In your precious name, Amen."

For more things to tackle, click here!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your baby girl on the way. Girls are fun. We have 3! Here come the tea parties, doll babies, and much conversation!!! LOL


Skubaliscious said...

What is BPA?

the keiffers said...

Sooo, I bought little Emma something today but I need your address. I'll call you in the near future (wedding madness is at an all time high!) and send it your way. :) Miss ya!

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