Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pickles and Cereal

I am at my computer drinking pickle juice...

What do you think about that!?!

So this pregnancy has been a little different from the others...and somewhat the same.
I'm sick. In fact, if you ask my little girl what mommy does all day she sticks out her tongue and says, "Bleh."

Gum is my saving grace. Not the fruity kind, anything pepperminty or wintergreen. Chewing it all the time! For whatever reason it keeps the queeziness down.

And then there are the cravings. And I don't know if they really are cravings or more like this tastes good right now and I don't want to heave it up.

Pickle juice...olives (yuck), ice, popscicles, cereal...those are my main food groups!

That is what I am surviving on. 12 Weeks and counting!

Grow peanut, grow!

I'm gonna go and finish my pickle juice now :)

"Father God, growing a baby is hard work. It zaps all energy out of me. And living on cereal probably isn't helping. I need your grace to get through the rest. I am hoping that the ickiness is over soon! And I am so happy despite it all. You are so good. Keep my baby in your hands. In your precious name, Amen."

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