Thursday, January 20, 2011

The End of a Good Year

Its a new year. New beginings. New expectations. New hopes. New promises. New....

We may be experiencing a lot of new this year. I say "may" because I don't know how it will all play out but the plans are in place for newness.

Perhaps a new home? Yikes! Maybe a new little addition? Yikes, Yikes! And according to Sammy a new puppy!?!

Lots of new...

I must say that 2010 was a good year. A sweet year. The Lord was so sweet to us. It was a quiet year, a year of blessings and comfort. It was good.

So we enter into 2011 with great expectations of what He can do. I have very little control over any of the situations listed above (except maybe for the puppy...though we are suckers when in comes to our kids desires and he has been praying for a pup of his own for over a year now!) But I know that He already has it planned out and just waiting to awe us!

We spent the last part of 2010 in Guatemala with my Dad's family. We had a wonderful time and made so many sweet memories. We hadn't seen my family in a few years and it was so good reconnecting with them.

And so I leave you with some pics...

My Family got Emma a Pinata to celebrate her Birthday when we arrived. It blessed me so!

The Boys

Pretty in Blue....Hydrangea bushes everywhere! Beautiful!

Emma Relaxing at the Coffee Ranch.

In Antigua, Guatemala Parque Central

Sammy and his great grandparents

The kids and second cousin

Sammy riding a horse in Antiqua

My Grandparents Yard...beautifully landscaped!

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Jessica Heights said...

It looks like you had a wonderful year!

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